The right lesson

This wonderful post is shared from Shail’s Nest. A must read for everyone, especially parents.


There is a woman hereabouts who makes a living by helping local ladies with their beauty requirements at their homes. Oiling of hair, applying of henna/dye, pedicure, manicure, waxing are some of t…

Source: The right lesson


5 Replies to “The right lesson”

    1. I wish more people understood this that they should not come in the parents’ way of handling their kids. There is no point complaining about their ill manners later. The only fight I have with my parents and parent-in-laws is regarding this. They don’t understand that such behaviour encourages the child to ignore many important life lessons.

      1. Little care and attention towards these things are the basic learnings for life. Parenthood is all about to give right direction to kids to sail their boat safely, carefully and proudly of course. Very good story Rekha.. u r well appreciated as u didn’t intervene tht tym..

          1. Yes I read it in haste, later on noticed it was originally from Shail’s Nest post.. anyways Gud to read a practical approach n really a right lesson

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