Caught you, Spidy!


People who know me well know how I detest creepy crawlies like cockroaches, spiders, lizards, rats and snakes. I can faint at the sight of a lizard and this is no exaggeration. You can ask my people. But this one was a real beauty I caught at the home stay in Wayanad. The problem with me is when I photograph, I need complete solitude to focus on my subject. So I got up at dawnone morning and tried clicking this beauty from a distance through various modes while my people were still snoring. At first I wasn’t able to focus on this tiny soul. The focus always plays the trick. A little later, I was able to get the focus. And then I went click, click and click.

Every such creature astonishes me as to how meaningfully creative Mother Nature is. Look at the evenly woven web and the thicker white waves. And then look at the colors on the spidy. This probably is the most beautiful spider I have ever seen and one that I can say I wasn’t very scared of. Not scared because I never saw it move.

And just to prove my fear of these crawling creatures, it’s been over a week that we haven’t gotten into one of the two bathrooms in our apartment because there’s a tiny lizard that is not able to climb up the walls as it has dropped it’s tail. The househelp has the duty of checking if it has left the place or not. And before she enters the bathroom I lock myself up in the bedroom after stuffing clothes beneath the door. Hope to have our space back soon. Phew!


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