The School Bus: #BarAThon Day 5

The initial excitement and enthusiasm shown by Mehul during his first few days in school has faded away completely. He doesn’t want to go to school anymore he says. It’s a tough task to get him ready for school every morning. He has become cranky unlike his cheerful self. And he screams at the top of his voice shaking the entire neighbourhood. Thankfully Rahul, Mehul’s older brother, was a sport. He happily hops into the school bus every single day. But then all kids are not the same. After all, he is just three. Aditi thought to herself.


That must be the milkman.” said Aditi as she buckled up Mehul’s shoes.

“Hurry up! Finish your milk. The bus must be here anytime now.”

While Aditi put the milk pouches into the refrigerator, she heard the school bus honking.

Rahul, Mehul, pick up your bags and water bottles. I’m coming. The school bus is here.”

As she marched out of the kitchen, she saw Rahul getting out of the front door. Mehul must have already gotten into the bus she thought. As Rahul climbed into the bus, Dinesh bhaiya, the cleaner asked, “Mehul is on leave today?

Aditi was taken aback. That boy must be up to one of his pranks as usual, she thought. She ran into the house and started looking for him.

“Mehul, come back here right now or else you will have it from me. The bus is waiting.”

The bus honked for a while and then left.

“Mehul, Mehul…”

She searched the length and breadth of the house but couldn’t find Mehul.

Beads of sweat ran down her forehead. She was now gasping for breath. Abhay is out-of-town and is expected to reach only by tomorrow night. Aditi decided to call him up as she finally realized that Mehul is nowhere to be seen. Tears rolled down her cheek. She ran into the bedroom, picked up her mobile phone and started dialing Abhay.

That’s when she saw his tiny shoes hanging from the loft of the bedroom.


Mehul”, she heaved a sigh of relief as she disconnected the call.

Has he left?


Dinesh bhaiya. He is trying to steal my peepee every day. It hurts.

Aditi stood shocked and motionless before she came to terms with what she just heard.


A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds.

It’s not your child’s fault or crankiness. Look beyond what is visible to the eyes.  

Here’s the scope of the child abuse issue on


Stop the Abuse Now: Here’s How You Identify Child Abuse and Report it: The Better India

I am with Team #CrimsonRush for the #BarAThon from 1st to 7th August 2016.

This post if written for the prompt ‘tiny shoes‘ for August 5, 2016.



32 Replies to “The School Bus: #BarAThon Day 5”

      1. Very true!!! Teaching & giving kids a proper knowledge about these is very important I keep telling my daughter about this that any thing suspicious just feel free to speak up !!

  1. Good to highlight these issues. Again awareness is the best weapon. In my children’s school, they kept a lady to watch over the children in the bus based on government directives. But after few months, it was again a man. The men are mostly innocent. But, I will not trust anyone.

  2. One needs to be very careful. There is child abuse going on every day. Children are too scared to tell. Any sudden change in behaviour has to be investigated.

    1. Yes. And if it is a child in your neighbourhood, one should care to inform their parents. It has to be a collective effort from one and all. These abusers must not be able to get their hands on our children. These innocent kids don’t deserve it.

  3. You never know where evil lurks! No age nor gender is safe from it! What kind of monsters dwell and pass off as humans in our world. CSA should be rated as the biggest crime and the punishment should be the harshest.

  4. This shook me , Rekha. I don’t know what to say.
    I feel helpless and useless when I read about all these issues plaguing society, the people.
    I feel very angry too. What to do!

  5. Uff Rekha you took me from worry, to relief to absolute shock. We really need to educate our children about abuse.

  6. So sad! Most children who face sexual abuse are too afraid to speak out. It is so important for parents to make them feel that they can tell them anything and also teach them what to do when someone misbehaves with them. Excellent post for the prompt, Rekha!

  7. I didn’t see that coming. Poor guy, he must have been terrified. We take people around us so lightly, never suspecting their intentions, especially where safety of our kids is concerned.

  8. God! CSA is the cruelest and saddest thing that a child has to go through! It is so important for the parents to be vigilant about it and the kids should be aware of it too Open communication is so crucial in families! An excellent take on the prompt, Rekha!

  9. I absolutely love how you are showcasing different issues with every post. That last bit was shocking. It took me some time to understand the true meaning … Brilliantly written.
    Sometimes I feel monsters are among us when I read about about CSA. Who in the sane mind would ever traumatize a kid!!

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