Silk Thief – #BarAThon Day 4


Uh-oh! I hope no one saw me do that.

This was the expression of the thief who stole the silk when caught red handed.


As a working mother, I was dependent on full-time house helps for almost five to six years. Reading and listening to others’ experience made trusting them extremely difficult. But then I was leaving my most precious assets, my children, with them. So when we hired the first house help, a young girl all of nineteen, I wasn’t too sure if I will be able to trust her at all. But within a few months she became more like a family member. She was supposed to leave after an hour of my arrival from work. But her brother-in-law (sister’s husband) was an abusive husband and whenever he was home, this girl would stay all night with us. Just like her name, she was truly a Lakshmi. Anu was happy and healthy under her care.

Then came the second one. By this time Lakshmi got married and left us. Then came another Lakshmi Didi who made Li’l Love as chubby as herself.

We have never locked up the kitchen or the fridge for these girls unlike their previous experiences where people would either lock them up or lock the eatables away. We have never really kept a tab on the amount of eatables that come in and the time in which they vanish. Both me and the husband believe that scarcity leads to provocation.

One day as I reached back home I found Anu screaming like hell. Her Cadbury Silk offered to her by one of my colleagues was missing. I tried convincing her that she might have eaten it or might have kept it elsewhere. But she wouldn’t listen and kept screaming that she had kept it in that particular box inside the fridge.

Slowly but surely I made the mistake of doubting Meenakshi, our help during that period. I did not say or ask anything but somewhere inside there was this doubt. I wanted it to be cleared and I wanted to know the truth because I cannot face a person if I have anything against them within me. I find the situation very awkward and uncomfortable.

After Anu calmed down I went inside to freshen up. When I got out of the washroom wiping my face, I saw a pair of tiny feet underneath the curtain. As I drew the curtain away, I saw the thief. The real thief. Yupp! I caught her red-handed. And red-faced. And red-frocked.

Thank God for saving poor Meenakshi from my indifferent behaviour. And thank God for saving me from the baseless doubt. When the firstborn is a saint, your expectations from the second born is pretty high. But I guess without this little monster we would have been a boring family. Witty and naughty, but full of love Li’l Love is.



I am with Team #CrimsonRush for the #BarAThon from 1st to 7th August 2016.

This post if written for the prompt ‘caught red handed‘ for August 4, 2016.



14 Replies to “Silk Thief – #BarAThon Day 4”

  1. Aww…choo chweet the li’l one is! I can understand how you must have felt…relieved at not having confronted the maid and still guilty that you thought to doubt her! We all have our bad moments, don’t we!

  2. Awww that’s the cutest face ever. I’m so glad you didn’t ask the maid. I also think a hundred times before doubting anyone. Specially with kids around – they’re always my first suspects.

  3. Such a great story and that face is priceless. Who could stay angry at a face like that? So adorable even if a bit bratty stealing chocolate. I love chocolate, too, and stole a bag of chocolate chips as a kid. I still remember lying to my mother about it but she knew I had taken them. That chocolate on my lips was a dead giveaway.

  4. Aww! You have captured such a cute moment!
    Glad that you didnt check with the house-help, else it would have been uncomfortable for both of you! It’s such a tricky situation!

  5. So cute!!! And I too am like this… I cannot face the person if I have something in my heart against them. I simply cannot!

    But this little munchkin is above everything!


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