On the Right Side of the Fence (#MondayMusings)


As dawn broke, she was blossoming into a vibrant and energetic belle. But just as she surged higher, the fire-spitting dragon emerged from inside the dark clouds and engulfed her, swallowing her piece by piece, inch by inch.

These are the thoughts that passed through my mind earlier this morning as I witnessed yet another sunrise which was soon faded out by the deep dark clouds that engulfed the bright blue sky. I am very fond of rain. Truly crazy about it. I can weave thousands of stories around rain, but these clouds that appeared this morning made me feel sick. Was it the clouds? Was it because I couldn’t sleep during the last two nights? Was it because everyone else in the family is unwell? Was it the fear of the unknown residing within me? Was it the depressing news that I have been reading recently?

There. It is the news. I had skipped reading the newspaper for almost a month. And I was happy. Or so I thought. I had actually buried myself under the falseness of what happiness is. I had tried to run away from facing the realities of life. Escapism.

This made me wonder if I was becoming weaker than before. I have handled some really difficult times in the past. Then why am I running away now? Why am I trying to escape? The inner voice spoke. Spoke she did and how.

Those were the times when you decided to endure it all yourself for everyone’s sake. Those were the times when you didn’t have the support of your loved ones. Those were the times when escaping or running away too meant hurting your loved ones. You had no options left. Either way. It was like you were caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. This way or that way. And so you fought.

I asked her, “Then why am I not facing it now? What’s stopping me?”

You’re under the misconception that you aren’t facing it. You’re. But the only thing that’s stopping you is the knowledge of being helpless in changing the mindsets of those thousands. You’re unable to control their destructive thought processes. You’re upset that you’re not heard. You’re upset that they’re all blindfolded with piece of cloth painted by land, religion, race, caste, gender, sexual orientation, politics and the likes.

You want everything to be like a fairy tale. But you forgot that Cinderella had to struggle in the cinders for years, Rapunzel had to remain in captivity for ages, Snowwhite too had her share of battles to win and Little Red Riding Hood too fought the Wolf. The happily-ever-after in every fairy tale came after a fair amount of struggles for each of the characters. We often tend to focus only on the happily-ever-after and ignore the closer-to-real-life struggles that were an important and major part of all the fairy tales. The evil demons have to be fought, the blood-thirsty dragons have to be faced, the cunning wolves have to be killed and the wicked witches have to be defeated before you reach the happily-ever-after.

Prayers for those who lost their kith and kin in battles they never fought. Prayers for the millions who have lost their path on their quest for a better life. Prayers for those who spend their time provoking the youth and feeding ill-thoughts. Prayers for a better, peaceful, painless tomorrow for all of us. Because praying is all I am able to do right now. Know that the world, the better part, the harmless soul, is with you in these tough times.


May you be able to cross the fence and be on the right side of it soon. May the super power that each of us believe in shower good sense upon each of us. Life is nothing less than a fairy tale. Fight till you reach the happily-ever-after.


11 Replies to “On the Right Side of the Fence (#MondayMusings)”

  1. You are right it’s the helplessness. . Why is there so much sadness around especially because of all that is going around in he world..

    Let’s hope things change …

  2. Very true. That feeling of helplessness, when it overwhelms, makes the things we saw positive turn negative. I too feel that when I see the news and see the carnage, and then the inner voice tells me a similar gyaan, and pushes me to write, for it is cathartic, and it’ll help soothe the doubts. I can only pray for peace, and so I do that.

  3. Will there ever be a ‘happily-ever-after’? We are not reading the sequels.
    I am such a pessimistic killjoy :D.
    Don’t worry, you will surely get some breaks. That’s all we can ask for.

      1. Sorry if I sounded insensitive. Actually I was carried away by the fairy tale part and I have often wondered if those happy endings mean an end to all their trouble. But yes, it is definitely hope that keeps us going.
        I am a mother too and I can identify with what you are going through. Wish you and your family peace, good health and joy!

  4. Enveloping ourselves in the false happiness feeling is like sitting in the Himalayas and being happy the world is so calm, peaceful and beautiful. But eventually we need to open our eyes to the reality.
    Its hard and punishing, to see so much of hate everyday, everywhere. Sometimes I feel whether the literal World Wars were better? No one was fooled and atleast the reasons were clear…

  5. It is so true Rekha, we all wan to escape and I also try and avoid the newspapers and Television for days together but then it is not a solution, I also realised it, there is so much pain around. I hope one day this world will be a better place but I feel really concerned for our kids, what kind of world are we giving them??

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