On being Kind and Compassionate #1000Speak

When Roshni approached me for a guest post for #1000Speak on a theme I truly believe in, I was elated. Compassion is one subject that needs to be promoted more than any other subject or issue. In this era when people find refuge in the anonymity that social media offers them and spurt out venomous updates that become trending topics, this is one group that truly believes in bringing about positivity and spreading the message of kindness and compassion. I hope more and more people join in and help wipe out negativity completely. Here’s my guest post at #1000Speak for Compassion.

What is compassion? Compassion is nothing but being present to the suffering of others and responding with a desire to relieve them of this pain and suffering with kindness, care, love and support.…

Source: On being Kind and Compassionate #1000Speak


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