Walking on Eggshells


“Globally, the rate of suicide has seen an upward trend in past decade and India is no different a story. Suicide tops the list in leading causes of death among 15-29 years old but for accidents. As one WHO report reflects a gloomy state of affair wherein one death by suicide was cited every 40 seconds in the year 2012. In India, 20 students kill themselves every day according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report in 2014. It would be worthy to take a while here and think the number of cases highlighted every year versus the real statistics. Suicide is a much bigger evil in our society than most people comprehend it to be.”

~ The Citizen, The Bitter Truth of Suicides in Higher Education in India

Have you seen an egg? A white or a brown one? Poultry eggs, duck eggs, ostrich eggs? Take any one of them. You’ll find that they have a thin white outer coating which is called the eggshell. It is extremely fragile and breaks at the slightest force exerted on it. And then it has a soft core. A small prick and the yolk melts out.

Our children are just like these eggs. As much as they grow, their outer covering is still as fragile as the eggshell. And inside them is that molten liquid that we often call heart. A slight pressure and it breaks a hundred times.

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2 Replies to “Walking on Eggshells”

  1. Well written. As for your teacher mum I do not blame her. She is a teacher first and then a mother.
    I don’t remember what were my exact comments on your clearing the entrance to the third semester of MCA, but I still remember how happy I was for you and talked about it to everyone I came across those days. I think I can be proud of my contribution to encourage you.
    As a matter of fact I still remember my surprise and disbelief when Sonu cleared her Board with unexpectedly high marks. You both have done well and are doing well too! Keep it up!

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