Blogathon – #ChildAbuse

Hello World!

Glad to be back after almost a fortnight. Was down for some time and the medicines took out the best out of me. The little sis, my guardian angel, gave us a short surprise visit which made me bounce back faster. Love is the best medicine, I bet!

The girls have successfully graduated to sixth and third grades. That means Mamma bear will now be revising a lot of history and mathematics. Do you know I had scored about 50 out of 100 in Mathematics in grade 6? Thanks to the most influential teacher in my life!

Back to blogging…

April is almost here. And most of my fellow bloggers are gearing up for the A-Z blogging challenge. I have never attempted the A-Z Challenge for fear that I might not be able to complete it. This year too, I did not sign in. I contemplated a lot. But since I am not sure of how my days are going to be, I opted out.


My regular readers are well aware that Child Abuse is one social evil that I feel strongly about. And so I have decided to start a blogathon. I’ll start it hopefully on April 1. Not keeping any deadlines. Have had enough of them during my corporate career. It’ll be a series of posts related to child abuse.  If you would like to share your story or experience on child abuse, please mail me at I can assure you of absolute confidentiality.

Feel free to share your feedback through comments and encourage by sharing and spreading the word. Trust me, there are still people who have absolutely no idea about what child abuse is and how traumatic it can be for the child. Let’s together create awareness and help stop child abuse.

Hope you have a wonderful April.



15 Replies to “Blogathon – #ChildAbuse”

  1. This is such an important issue which needs to be highlighted as much as possible..good on you for doing this, Rekha..and I hope you are feeling better..younger sisters are special, I’m sure yours made you all better

    1. Thanks Naba! I am much better now. My little girl is magical that way. 🙂
      With schools reopening and lots of kids getting into various stages of development, this seemed to be a very important topic to highlight. A conversation with a well-educated mother left me baffled when she said she has no idea about this issue.

  2. This is such a fabulous idea and much needed too. Although schools are sensitising kids about child abuse a lot still needs to be done. Good luck with your initiative Rekha.

    1. Thanks Tulika! Much awareness is needed in this area. Every time I read of a child abuse case, my blood boils. More in cases where the accused is a family member. Children need to be raised confidently and must be made aware of what good and bad touch are. Apart from this, as parents we ought to take necessary steps to avoid such situations as far as possible.

  3. CSA is such an important topic. It was started a few years ago, by a group of friends who feel very strongly about this… I hope we raise a lot more awareness this year as well.
    Hugs Reks!

    1. Thanks Pixie! At ground level, there are enough and more parents who are either unaware of such possibilities or are not aware of how to help the child be aware of it and escape. That’s what hurts me more.

  4. Not until I grew up I realised how common child abuse is. I’ve heard my friends’ first-hand accounts and they are truly disturbing.
    I’ve written about child abuse on my blog too. I was scared enough to talk to my son about it. He is almost 8.
    Will love to be a part of this Blogathon with you. Hope people take notice of it and act on it. All the best!

  5. Great Idea, Rekha. What you said is exactly true. Still there are some persons not knowing what Child Abuse is. Really it may help those who are in the trap and also will be an alarming posts for others. Sharing this in my community !!!

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