#MondayMusings – The Last Bite

Wastage of any kind hurts me. I am really paranoid about any kind of wastage. May be because I was taught about the importance of not wasting at a very young age. May be because Dad’s childhood stories stayed deep within. May be because Mom’s convent rules stayed with us. May be because our parents did share their troubles, financial or otherwise, when we were kids and instilled the importance of not wasting, sharing and saving.

This morning, I served vegetable cheese pasta to the girls and went to take a bath. After offering my prayers, I went inside the kitchen to find this.

While I was raging from within about the food being wasted, I was also glad to see that she chose to inform me and apologize instead of throwing it away like her elder sis.

The first-born is so scared of getting yelled at that she commits silly mistakes like these which in turn make her get scolded further. I keep telling her to be bold enough to accept her mistakes instead of hiding them. But she doesn’t seem to understand it. Or may be she still fears this cold-blooded Mommy. And here’s the second-born who chooses to inform and apologize. When I scolded her later and started off with how there are millions of children who stay hungry because they can’t get food or their parents cannot afford it, she said, “I know I made a mistake. That’s why I have apologized.” And then she said something that’s made me wonder if it was indeed my fault. She said, “When you know I don’t eat those vegetables, why did you make them? And if you made it, why did you serve it to me? Will you be happy if I gobble all of it and then throw it up? Don’t you think I am wasting because of your mistake?“And I was reminded of how out of fear of getting punished by Dad I used to gobble up food as a child only to throw it up later almost every evening.

And then I read this article, 10 WAYS TO GET KIDS TO WASTE LESS FOODI’m guilty as charged by my girl. I served a larger portion because I was worried that she slept late last night and might be hungrier. I am guilty because I don’t allow them to serve themselves. The kids are very well aware of why wasting is a sin. We take them out to so many places, including orphanages and they know about the under-privileged kids too. They do believe in sharing and all. And they do behave responsibly otherwise. So, it is indeed my mistake. Isn’t it?

Does your child waste food often? How do you tackle this? How do you make them finish that last bite?

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4 Replies to “#MondayMusings – The Last Bite”

  1. Your younger daughter is quite audacious and this quality needs to be appreciated 🙂 I like how she approached you with her points though she knew you were enraged.
    My son throws off if I insist on finishing the food on the plate and then the work of cleaning everything increases accompanied by his repeated frantic question -“tum mujhe beemar karna chahte ho kya?” I have often decided to give up thinking it is better to throw the unfinished food in the bin then to have him sick but still there are days when I do the pushing.

  2. Your daughter has a point: I remember used to yell and protest in the same manner to parents. But, you are right for wastage is wrong when so many souls are starving and deprived of a proper meal. Earlier, would leave lot of food on the plate to be thrown but now I take whatever I can gobble.

  3. Uh..I don’t know yet. I will have to return to this post few years down the lane and see how it goes. But, I hope my girl is like her dad who dad who finishes off things on his plate and not like the younger version of younger me who used to feed plants and animals leftover food. 😦

  4. Not wasting is one of the traits which my parents drummed into me. It stayed, because they did a good job and used a stick to ram it in. 😀

    Beautiful and a practical post.

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