Two Up – Surviving Sibling Squabbles


Toddlers are a menace.

You don’t agree?

You must not be a parent yet. As much as it is fun to have children, it is the most annoying thing to have to deal with their fights.

Having a child is the best thing that can happen to you. That’s what most parents, especially elders, say. And some blind followers like me take it so seriously that we opt for having two.  Of course, social pressures like‘he/she needs a sibling to share their happiness and grief when they are older’, add in. I tell you it’s all a myth. A huge price to pay for something you can never be sure of.

Our siblings are our first ever competition. And the fiercest because we compete for the love and attention of the same people. The ones that we need most, our parents. The battle begins exactly from the moment Mommy’s tummy starts bulging out into a watermelon. The problem is that the issue is considered as a growing-up phenomenon and is left unaddressed.

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5 Replies to “Two Up – Surviving Sibling Squabbles”

  1. A very sane post in the mayhem parenting gifts to parents.
    I have to admit, being a parent of a single child makes things easy for me on this front on a day-to-day basis but when cousins are around, things often go out of hand.
    Loved #4 the most because comparing kids is the biggest mistake I believe all parents are guilty of at some point or the other.

  2. Read the post. You have painfully gone through the sibling rivalry in your writing cum research to give priceless advice to parents on how to make children feel important as individuals. Love the painting sketched by your daughter, Rekha. It’s creatively beautiful.

  3. When my brother and I were growing up, holidays meant trying to kill each other – me with sarcasm, he with fists. My Maa would say, I have started hating the word “Maaaaa’. I don’t blame her.

    Thankfully, my daughter had only me to fight with.

  4. Hmmph! The site is not allowing me to comment or share! I’m happy that my boys, even though they fight all the time, still are buddies. One son will actually get annoyed with us if we shout at the other son too harshly!

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