Repair We Must

The Carpenter is here for some repair work. A Muslim guy. He has been regular at our place for last four years. The first thing he asked as soon as he reached, “Where is Bhaisaab?”

When I told him that the man was in office, he looked worried. He slowly settled down and started his work. Generally he gets engrossed in his work soon as he settles down. But today he was glancing at me again and again. I could sense that he wanted to say or ask something because he looked restless.

After about 15-20 minutes he asked, “Bhabhiji, did you speak with Bhaisaab?”

I was amused and asked, “Speak what?”

Has he reached safely? He goes to Gurgaon naa?”

I said, “Yes.

These are not people from the locality, Bhabhiji. They are hired goons. You tell me, who will burn their own place? People who have lived in neighbourhood for years…will they want to kill each other for such petty issues? This is all staged drama. And the people behind this are hiding safely. Money power and politics. Nothing else. They’ve destroyed the place.”

Hmmm…I wish people understood this and did not join the lot with destructive mentality.”, I said.

“Last week, I was working in Gurgaon, somewhere near Sohna. I returned late at night. At around 10.30 p.m., Madamji from that house called to check if I had reached safely. She told me not to go there till the riots are completely resolved. See, how caring they are. I am nobody to them. Still they called and checked about my well-being. Nobody wants this bloodshed and burning. When will this tabahi (destruction) stop? May Allah descend and put some sense into these gunahgars (sinners).” 

I couldn’t help but whisper an ‘Amen!‘ to that collective wish.


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