Not So Happily-Ever-After

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Dear Dad,

A big sorry! I know I should not have put you and Mom through this. But trust me, both of you did not leave me with much of an option.

From as far ago as I remember, I have only seen the two of you arguing, abusing and accusing each other for everything under the sun. Especially me. I was sure that I was the sole reason. I promised myself that I’ll do my best and shine enough to make you both proud of me. Thus bringing you both closer and making you happier together. And I excelled at everything I pursued; studies as well as sports. I learnt to be organised and helped you manage the house. But I failed in bringing you both together.

At times, while cleaning the mess after the thunderstorm between the two of you, the broken glass pieces did pierce into my skin and made me bleed. But that pain was far less compared to the one I felt in my heart watching you both in your enraged avatars.

I was used to watching Mom withdrawing herself when you screamed at her. She shed tears sitting alone in her room while I would search every single closet in the house to find the reason behind her tears. But all in vain.

Of late, your differences have turned dirtier. The other day when she threw that flower vase at you which hit you on your head and your ear started bleeding, I was there. Right there underneath the dining table. Shivering with fear. I also saw how hard you slapped her and blood oozing out of her nose.

Every night I would lie down on my bed wishing to rebuild our dream home and our life happily ever after. A short while after I see it tumbling down like a house made of a pack of cards. And then I would stay awake frozen on my bed wishing dawn never broke.

The teacher mocked me in front of everyone inside the examination hall because I was ‘day-dreaming about my girlfriend’ instead of answering the paper. I wasn’t present there at all. How could I inform her that I was worried about the two of you getting separated in a few months!

I never had any friends as I had avoided speaking to anyone for fear of letting them into my house and exposing your fights. I don’t think I can ever get into a relationship. Thanks to the two of you!

Last night also I was present there. I heard Mom telling you that she would have left you long back if I wasn’t there. I also heard your response that it was the same reason for you to have stayed this long. I am extremely sorry for having made you stay together in a dead and unhappy marriage for so long. But you never made me feel existent.

I am releasing both of you from all boundaries of attachment. You no longer need to worry about having to stay together for my sake. You both are now free to choose your respective paths irrespective of my existence.

I won’t be able to see the two of you breaking up. I have seen my world fall apart every single day for all these past years. But not this time. It’ll hit me harder than everything else I have witnessed so far. And so I am letting go.

Much love,


The alphabet for today’s prompt is D and I have chosen Dysfunctional Family and Divorce as the subject. Do share your views.

I have been reading about the increasing rate of divorce in India compared to the previous decades and my heart always went to the children who have had to cope with it.

An article from The Quint says:

The rate of divorce in India is about 13 per 1,000 marriages against 500 in 1,000 marriages in the UK. Divorces granted by the family courts increased by 350 per cent between 2003 and 2011 in Kolkata, and doubled in Mumbai between 2010 and 2014.

Here are a few related articles I read to understand how divorce affects the children.


19 Replies to “Not So Happily-Ever-After”

  1. Rekha, your selection of words make justification to all your posts. I couldn’t control tears running down my eyes. We faced the same undigested situation last November 2015 due to my brother’s divorce. Your post spoke our heart.

  2. Elders should have the courtesy to make things smooth for their kids, if they were to part ways. They seldom care about kids. Most of the families are like that even today. Divorce or not, they have little to no time for motivating and appreciating their kids. Sad but true.

  3. Heart wrenching. How unfair that the victim of the warring adults be the blameless innocent children of the ‘union’. Dysfunctional family problems scar the children forever in life. You have very effectively brought out the emotions and turmoil in the young mind.

  4. You have brought up a very delicate topic.. the other side when the child lives with a single parent or lives with a newly married spouse of his/her parent after a breakup, separation and divorce is also an issue. What is right in this situation is up to the people in it to decide, but often children are forgotten!

  5. Divorce is very terrible on the children, I agree. No parents should stay together through abuse though, for the sake of the kids. It’s a mistake many couples make and the children are the ones that suffer, silently so. Evocative use of the prompt, Rekha.

  6. Children suffer the most — both when incompatible parents stay together as well as when they eventually separate amidst acrimony. A little maturity on their parts would spare the child a lot of heartache. And by ‘letting go’ you only mean emotionally and not otherwise.

  7. Such a sad one and the stats tell the truth. I agree that children suffer the most in such cases but I also feel how right it is to stay in a marriage just cos there is a child? I feel that children suffer more when they see parents falling out of love. At least separation gives them a peaceful home and parents who find time to love and care for children.
    I loved how you wrote your post – the letter format is my favorite!

  8. This is something that no child should go through, I feel. But it seems to happen a lot. I don’t know what to say, honestly. Either way, it affects the child, no? If they stay together in a dead marriage, quietly blaming the child, it’ll affect the child in some way, and venting their anger on each other while the child listens also scars the child. Scary situation.

  9. Divorce is so tough on kids…Only you could have brought it out the way you did, the raw emotions and feelings…It’s so true that people suffer in unloved marriages for their children but that unwittingly affects the children more negatively

  10. You have captured the deep pain of the young mind and heart very sensitively and carefully. Some parts of the story feel very real to me because of what I saw happen to someone very dear to me. But what I have also seen is that many times children overcome the worst pain if they find the right creative outlet or some supportive adult who can help them channel their emotions. Hope the young person in this story also finds that ray of light. Very touching story, Rekha. And very real and honest.

  11. This was so very difficult to read. No, not in terms of writing. You have captured the feelings of the child very well. It just broke my heart to read it.

    Sometimes the end of a relationship is inevitable, but adults need to ensure that the children are made to understand, and at no point feel that they are the cause for the breakup or the continuation of a bad relationship.

  12. It was heart wrenching. Every sentence burned a whole in the heart thinking about the children who had to bear this daily as the part of your life. It totally broke my heart.

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