The Muse


The media today needs nothing but gossip. Circulations of magazines and newspapers touch the million mark just by publishing controversial affairs and the not so private lives of celebrities and politicians. Then why are they all present here at this press conferencehe thought. He had read the book and she was indeed a remarkable story-teller, but does that even matter to the media. An 18-year-old’s debut book, Mangalore Blues.

As people started networking during the high tea, he heard someone whisper,

Sshhh….listen! Who cares about the book! But never mind, we can always publish her pictures along with her mother’s story. Yes! Yes! The one who killed her husband when she caught him in bed with another woman. There’s another story doing the rounds that she killed him for another man.”

Priya answered almost all the questions and the event was about to be wrapped up. He has never published a story on his e-magazine, The Real Side, without listening to the entire story and points of views of all concerned. He finally stood up and asked,

Could you please share the muse for this book of yours?”.

I’m glad that at least one person bothered to ask this question instead of focusing on my mother’s infamous affair and the gossip around it. And I’m sure that only you’ve read the book, gentleman. Thank you!”

And then she started reading the last page of the book.

She hit him with the hammer. She did it again and again. Again and again. Even as she saw life seep out of him. And their five-year-old daughter lay next to him barely clothed. She was writhing in pain and was completely shocked and terrified. 

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24 Replies to “The Muse”

    1. May be. A little peace after letting the truth out. But what I wanted to point out is that no one cares what the truth is. Even when you have let it out. Everyone’s happy with the spicy, tangy gossips.

      The post I guess is the effect of that coffee mug. I had to kill someone. And I managed it. 😉

  1. I like how you drew those two different scenarios, Rekha – one about the media not caring about anything else but the gossip and two – how you weaved child molestation/rape into the story for the twist.

    1. Thanks for dropping by! When I started off, this story was going to be one of a daughter inspired by her mom for all good reasons. And then it turned out to be this. Might be my hatred towards child abusers.

    1. I know, Shailaja. How I wish we could undoubtedly say that this is pure fiction. I can’t tell you how I felt after I wrote it. Scary to say the least. But content to have killed one abuser at least in my story.

  2. Spot on Rekha.. about very detail you have written out to make this story. But the sad part is, this happens in real life.. and keeps on happening..wonder what will bring that to a stop! Congratulations..

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