The One You Cannot Live Without

Food, Clothing and Shelter.

We need oxygen to breathe, food to eat, clothes to wear and a roof for protection. But what is that one thing or who is that one person whom you cannot afford to live without?

My children believe that I love them more than anything and I can’t live without them. Absolutely true. But equally true is the fact that I yearn for those few hours of freedom when they go to school and my mind, ears, hands, throat, basically my entire body gets some rest.

The parents believe that I will be hurt if they leave me and shift to some other place. True again. I’ll be broke if they ever leave me for more than a week. But deep within I am aware that even when they’re living so close by, I hardly take out much time for them.

I always thought that I’ll never be able to live without my little sister. But that happened too. And I have survived for almost seven years now.

The man. Oh man! He drools at the very thought of us cuddling tight with my head resting on his chest and me whispering in his ears,

Sweetheart, I love you! I cannot imagine my world without you.”

Awww!!! I can imagine how he feels. I so want to accept that I cannot survive without any of them. But the fact is, none of them is as important as she is. The part-time help.

Early in the morning, her husband called up and said, “She’s not coming. She’s unwell.

Thankfully I am not the one who receives the call. It’s one of my neighbours. And so I escape a cardiac arrest.

When the good-hearted lady came to inform me about the help’s yet again leave in her sweeter than sweetest tone, I almost yelped. Invisible tears ran down my cheeks, as if someone had left the tap open. It was like suddenly my entire world had crashed right in front of me. The mountain of dust on the TV trolley and the center table, the pile of used dishes inside the sink, the mess on the floor that the girls created out of their creativity. All these pictures triggered a slideshow in my already shattered mind.

This is her third leave in the new year. I am already done with washing, dusting and cleaning. It all took just about three and a half hours. But those few hours, I cried and cried.

How on earth could she leave me so helpless! Didn’t she for once think about how I would survive the day without her. Sob! Sob!

And that’s when I also realized how much I love the ones who created the fully automatic washing machine, the vaccum cleaner, the food processor, the roti maker, the microwave oven, the electric kettle, the electric geysers, the mixers-grinders-choppers and other such life-saving tools.

Trust me, a human being can survive alone without anybody but the house help. They have a very special bond that no one else understands. And the beauty of this relationship is you’ll never let the other person know that you are so dependent on them and you cannot survive without them.

Is she the one you cannot live without?

Watch this funny video that shows the reality of this situation.


6 Replies to “The One You Cannot Live Without”

  1. Ask me about it. Had two of them when I was in Mumbai. After shifting to South Korea, I am on my own. Initially, it was quite difficult considering I too have two bouncing balls at home :D. Now I am pretty used to it. In fact, I like it better. No more waiting for the maids, being irritated by their sudden disappearance & never ending tantrums :). Nice read Rekha

  2. Thankfully I never had to understand this relation as I never had a house help. 🙂 It is difficult when I am sick but we manage and I like depending on me and my husband to get things running. But yes, I have heard many talking about the disappearance acts by their maid and the difficulty in getting maids these days.

  3. An interesting topic Rekha. I have realized one needs to be thrown in the storm and we shall adapt cum grow, Dad always protected me in a shield and would be scared that I shall be crushed. But, lived alone for years and initially, I felt emasculated and vulnerable but we find our way:)

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