Holy Cow!! Justice Served.

One, two and three…

The first stone went flying like a saucer hitting the Gram Sarpanch’s son Raghu. It was followed by another one that hit Maulavi ji’s son, Mukhtar. And then they rained stones and pebbles from every nook and corner. An angry mob still pelting stones at them.

The next day newspapers flashed with pictures of the accident site in Singhavali Ahir village. The blood-stained bodies of both the youths were lying underneath the Peepal tree beneath which the Panchayat heard cases and served justice.

A rumour was all it took Shagufta to get justice for her daughter Nazriya and James.

Two years ago, when Nazriya eloped with James, a Christian youth from the neighbouring village, the Gram panchayat had ordered both of them to be hanged on the Peepal tree in the middle of the village. James was hanged in complete daylight in the presence of all the villagers and the staff from the local police station. Shagufta’s begging plea was answered by the Sarpanch because of added persuasion from Maulavi ji. Nazriya was not hanged but was ordered to be raped by Raghu and Mukhtar. The boys in their late teens scavenged her until the last ounce of blood and oxygen left her bleeding body.

No punishment was ordered for Raghu and Mukhtar. Shagufta was asked to keep quiet and be happy that her family’s honour, the community’s prestige and the village’s esteem was protected. None of the police officials had the guts to lodge a complaint. Shagufta kept running from pillar to pillar for justice. But to no avail.

And today, the holy cow had helped her get justice for her daughter whose only fault was to have loved another human irrespective of caste, creed, region or religion.

She couldn’t stop wondering about the mentality of the people who would watch a young boy being hanged and a young girl being raped in public, but couldn’t take it when they heard someone ate beef.

“This was not Allah’s sentence. Neither did Bhagwan order this. Nor the Panchayat, the police or the lawmakers. This is my judgement. They deserved it.”

Picture Courtesy: Economic Times


A fictional account in view of the recent Dadri lynching.

It is sad that our country is so regionally and religiously motivated that it fails to respect human emotions and their fundamental rights. It becomes the responsibility of every single one of us to work in our own ways and with the available means to restore peace and sanity among our fellow beings. Killing, raping, abusing or any other form of crime is not acceptable. Punishments must be served by law after thorough investigations and within a stipulated time. No God will ever order any of His children to be killed no matter what the mistake is.

To err is human; to forgive, divine. Guide, but don’t dictate. Utilize your intelligence, strength and power in building something useful instead of destroying what He has created.


8 Replies to “Holy Cow!! Justice Served.”

  1. I sometimes wonder if all the despicable minded people are living in our country. It’s so barbaric that I try to shun away every single news that’s related to it. Even though it’s fiction we know how often honour killing happens. 😦 On one hand we built Chandrayaan and on the other we are fighting over who ate beef.

  2. Whatever happened shouldn’t have happened… It’s the fault of uncouth barbarians who did this…And now the media is using it for hate mongering among people..Problem lies with us, we never valued humans ..for us our ‘culture’ is more precious ..sadly we have no understanding of culture…But what appalls me further is how irresponsibly things are being reported and how irresponsibly people are spreading venom whether on ground zero or our social media…Makes me so angry when I think how easy it is to sway us into the direction of hatred and crime

  3. Its one of the most tragic incidents not only because of the barbaric killing but how it has revealed the double standards of the society, the law and the political system.

  4. This incident was so barbaric and inhuman! 😦
    such horrible double standards…
    you have woven a beautiful tale around it – heart wrenching and impactful.

  5. All in the name of honor. Such double standards and hatred in killing in the name of the cow. Truly Holy! They should start a Gowshala, if they are so concerned. Like the way you spurned this thought provoking and powerful post. The Government has lost it with it extremist stand as the Santa Claus PM goes silent..Maun Modi!

  6. sometimes reality is so much more bizarre than fiction, right?! Who would have thought that a piece of meat would be sent to be forensically tested?!!! Just unbelievable!

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