25 Simple Joys That Make Day-To-Day Life More Meaningful

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Have you ever tried finding happiness in the day-to-day tasks of your life? If we try, we can find many small, simple, yet joyous moments that make life worthwhile. These are the real happy moments that one should enjoy and treasure. Here are a few that I personally love and cherish.


  1. A hand-written letter – The personal touch and comfort of a hand-written letter from someone you love cannot be matched with a phone call, an SMS or an email. Touching the words of the letter can indeed make you feel the presence of the letter-writer.
  2. A smile from a stranger – While walking on the road, or travelling by a bus or a metro or in an exhibition hall, at the railway station or an airport, an unknown face passes a smile at you. You never met them before and may be you’ll never meet them again. But that one smile, that one moment, has brought you something to be happy about.
  3. Perfect song for a particular situation – When the music player plays a song perfectly suitable for the situation you’re presently in.
  4. Rummaging old photo albums – Age old black and white photos of great grandfathers, and grandmothers, long lost uncles and aunts, the only possible vacation that you remember of your childhood, school reunions. They are a treasure by themselves.
  5. Basking in the sun – Sun has always been associated with positive energy. Especially the winter sun. It is so peaceful to feel the warmth lying on a cot or a hammock or on the grass.
  6. Petrichor – Have you ever stopped to inhale the smell of earth after a rain? Bliss it is. A strange mix of peace and calm.
  7. Pops and crackles – Burning wood on a cold winter night that pops and crackles. As if there is life within.
  8. Driving through the rain – There is joy in watching the raindrops falling on the windscreen and the wipers wiping them off tirelessly. It seems like a soulmate travelling with us or is leading the path.
  9. Morning coffee – A South-Indian plus Kaapi is a deadly combination. And if they have the company of the early morning breeze, a writing pad and greenery around, it sure showers happiness.
  10. Crunchy fallen leaves – Walking on the crunchy fallen leaves on the pavement early in the morning is just beautiful. The sound it produces is magical and empowering.
  11. An unexpected hug or peck from someone who cares – Love is never enough. Expression of love is all the more important. And if it is received when least expected, it is as good as a multi-vitamin supplement or a glass of energy drink.
  12. Popping Bubble wraps– Never let the child inside you die. Pop as many bubble wraps as you can in your lifetime. You just live once. Trust me, apart from you it does remind the boring people around that life can be fun.
  13. Writing in a brand new notebook – A new book, a new page, is always special. You put in all your effort to fill it with the best of thoughts and the most beautiful handwriting. The newness brings out the best in you.
  14. Pets and Plants – You must keep pets and plants. May be one or a few. Feeding, nurturing and watching them grow is a rich experience. Nothing short of raising a child. And the love in return is unconditional.
  15. The Salary Day – Have you never celebrated this day? You must. Buy something for yourself, have an ice-cream or a brownie or spend the evening with your loved ones celebrating your monthly salary credited in your account. It is a joyous moment. There are many who don’t see this day often.
  16. Birds – As you walk unaware, they hop on the sidewalk along with you as if talking to you. It is fun watching these little sparrows, pigeons or mynahs that hop around without the fear of being attacked.
  17. Finding Shapes – Try finding shapes and figures in the clouds or on your bathroom tiles. It helps you to be creative. Opens up your mind to unlimited possibilities. And when you find something, it’s a pleasure that cannot be explained.
  18. Splash – Skipping rocks across water or jumping in a puddle splashing water all around. It brings joy and peace to the suppressed child within you.
  19. The last day of examination – As soon as the last answer sheet is submitted, the first thing one must do is to tear the date sheet into bits and throw it from a height. It helps you let go of a lot of stress.
  20. Feeding a hungry soul – Buying a samosa or a bread-pakora or a plate of chhole bhature for that small boy or girl who was begging on the streets while you relished the dish. The bright smile their face lights up into for this unexpected treat is a great blessing.
  21. An impromptu travel plan – Try and set out on an unplanned vacation or a weekend trip. These always end up as the best ones.
  22. When you speak out the same thing simultaneously – This is a huge thing. Makes you feel connected with the other person a bit more strongly. The bonds are strengthened.
  23. Say the three golden words often – ‘I Love You’ looking straight into their eyes in the midst of a heated argument or a serious discussion or when they are totally unaware of your presence or are least expecting it can help make the moment a little joyful. But say it only if you mean it.
  24. Shooting Stars – Take a few minutes every night to sit down and gaze at the sky and watch out for the shooting stars. Close your eyes and make a wish. Even if you don’t believe in wishes coming true. The silence calms the mind.
  25. Kissing your loved ones just before going to sleep – Every day is a blessing. Celebrate it. Make sure to kiss your loved ones just before going to sleep and pray for a beautiful morning the very next day.


Happiness is within us. Finding joy is completely up to us. There are innumerable moments of joy in your day to day life. Just pause, take a long breath and reflect.

What are some of the simple joys of life that you can share with us?


2 Replies to “25 Simple Joys That Make Day-To-Day Life More Meaningful”

  1. Rekha,

    For me, the list is :
    Rummaging old photo albums
    Popping Bubble wraps
    An unexpected hug or peck from someone who cares
    Writing in a brand new notebook
    The last day of examination
    Kissing your loved ones just before going to sleep


    Cooking favorite meal of loved ones
    Playing with kids
    Giving surprise gifts
    A long kiss to my hubby
    Telling stories to my son

    And it goes on …. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. amongst all I most miss the hand written letters, I used to have pen friends and we cousins would write to each other previously… so sad that it has almost gone away… 😦

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