Parents must be like Monkey Pen

Yes. All parents must be like Monkey Pen.

Monkey Pen of Philips and the Monkey Pen.

Philips and the Monkey Pen is a Malayalam Movie released in 2013. Directed by Rojin Thomas and Shanil Mohammed, the star cast includes junior artist Sanoop Santhosh apart from Jayasurya, Remya Nambeesan, Innocent and Mukesh in lead roles. The film won Kerala State Film Award for Best Children’s Film and Kerala a State Film Award for Best Child Artist. 


Basically it is a children’s movie but with a very strong message for parents and teachers.

The story revolves around ten-year-old Ryan Philip (Sanoop Santhosh) and his adventures with a magical pen called the Monkey Pen. I am a great fan of Children’s Films and this one stole my heart. This comes in the league of Taare Zameen Par, Jalpari, The Blue Umbrella, I Am Kalam, Stanley ka Dabba, Chillar Party etc.,.

Deccan Chronicle gave 3.5/5 rating and said, 

“This, to date, must surely rate as the year’s top contender of the prestigious Swarna Kamal for the Best Children’s Film. It lights up the righteous path without being preachy. When a son says to his father, “I thought the truth would pain you”, the wise one smiles, inspiringly, “The truth isn’t bitter; it is the lies that are excessively sweet”.”


Times of India rated it at 2.5 and said, 

“Philips and the Monkey Pen has the air of a fable- one that bubbles with flourishes of fantasy, each one added with a profound purpose to enlighten. The charm of classic fables lies in their innocence, the cleverness with which such tales achieve this objective of enlightenment. It is almost done unwittingly, just like a soft feather that comes to rest on our hands and the effect is magical.”


Rediff review rated it with 3 stars and read, 

“Philips and the Monkey Pen is a charming film without being overly sentimental or manipulative.”

Ryan, portrayed by Sanoop Santosh will steal your heart with his charming smile and a brilliant performance. The father-son relationship is beautifully portrayed. I wish the mother had a better and bigger role apart from making food and posing for the video camera. 

What I loved were the lessons taught to the children through the entire journey. And the highlight was how parents and teachers must deal with difficult and below average kids. 

Some of the key issues highlighted are social unacceptable of inter-religious marriages, over-loaded school buses, corporal punishment in schools etc. 

Some of the dialogues will remain with me for a long long time. 

It’ll be a good watch with children. It is not a children’s movie but a family movie. Wrong cannot be mended with wrong is what the underlying message is.

Anyone who is  interested may buy the DVD with English subtitles from Amazon


2 Replies to “Parents must be like Monkey Pen”

  1. This looks like a good movie. I have seen Taare Zameen Park and Stanley ka Dabba and was moved by them…they are pretty inspiring sometimes since the innocence of kids takes over and we keep thinking to ourselves over the message.

    1. It is Alok! Watch it if you can. I loved the way the father transformed the boy without any punishments. He was made to realise his mistakes by himself. As a parent, movies like these stay with me.

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