English is a Funny Language…

Dew Drops


How do you spell ‘cop’?




Doesn’t ‘c’ and ‘k’ have the same sounds? So how can ‘k.o.p’ be wrong?

No, no. Not my query. That’s Lil Love’s query. She got 9 out of 10 in her dictation for ot, od, op and og words. The 1 she missed was for ‘cop’. The new education system that focuses more on phonetics is pretty good, but it is troublesome for the parents as we do not have answers to such queries.

I remember when Anu was in Kindergarten, she also used to come up with so many doubts to which I haven’t found answers till date.

Why does ‘ch’ sounds differ in ‘chalk’ and ‘chef’?

The other day while I was discussing with a few friends, one of them tells her daughter’s doubt.

When ‘Spark’ and ‘Shark’ don’t have a ‘ke’ in the end, why does ‘Snake’ have?


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