Motherhood: Moments to Cherish

Two years on and the conversation is only getting more exciting with stronger arguments to defend herself. One of the few things I enjoy most.

Dew Drops

Saturday, 11.30 pm

Papa: “Baby, sleep fast and you can wake up early and then you can play more.”

Lil Love: “I can play now with more people. In the morning, Mamma and you leave early and so I don’t get to play with you naa…”

Papa: “It’s vacations now, so sleep more, play more, learn more and make your memory sharp. Once schools reopen you won’t get so much time to sleep.”

Lil Love: “Once schools reopen, I won’t join back.”

Papa:  “Why bachha (baby)? Is someone bullying you in school? Or is some teacher scolding you?”

Lil Love: “No. There’s nothing ‘exciting’ (the exact word that she used) happening in this school.”

Papa and Mummy look at each other and are dumb-stricken.

Sunday, around 12.00 am

Papa quietly switches off the lights and lies down.

Lil Love: Aapko ‘galat-fahmi’ hai.  (Translation:…

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