Trapped with Him in the Elevator

Anakha got down the bus. Her Mumbai tour was quite good. She got almost six new leads for the start-up company she had joined recently as a marketing manager.

She walked across the lane to enter her society. Watchman Kariappa wished her and she wished him back. He handed over a few envelopes addressed to her. She walked towards the elevator while browsing through the letters. She pressed the elevator button. As soon as the elevator reached the ground floor, Anakha got in and pressed the button for the nineteenth floor where she stayed, still focusing on the letters.

It was only when she sensed the sound of another breath, a fast one, that she noticed the other occupant of the elevator. She felt a little uncomfortable. She knew him. He stayed in the same society. But she was afraid of him. She moved away a little bit. She wished the elevator reached her floor sooner than usual.

And then she realized that the elevator got stuck somewhere between the sixteenth and seventeenth floors.

He moved closer to her. His breath falling on her skin made her feel quite uncomfortable and irritated. He kept staring at her and the door continuously. She wanted him to disappear. She wanted to ask him to stay away. But the more he came closer to her, the more her words defeated her. She was so scared of him.

Anakha was almost at the verge of crying. She could no longer bear it. She tried reaching for the emergency alarm button as tears rolled down her cheeks. And before she could press it she found him all over her. She couldn’t tolerate his touch. She screamed with fear written all over her face. Her tears could not be seen by anyone. Her screams did not reach anyone.

Shortly afterwards, the elevator started moving. She heaved a sigh of relief as the door opened and he jumped out as soon as he saw Mrs. Fernandez.

A look at Anakha and Mrs. Fernandez could understand the situation.

She turned to him with a stern look and said, “Jacky, say sorry to Anakha.”

He wagged his tail with his tongue hanging out and hung his head in apology.

“Yes, that’s like my good boy.” said Mrs. Fernandez.

As she walked towards her apartment, Anakha couldn’t help but smile at her own silliness.


This story is written for the PROMPT: Your character gets trapped in an elevator with someone he or she is afraid of (you decide why).


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