Just Another Old Age Home

My regular readers would know how close I was to my grandfather. As a child, I always thought that he will always be with me. I dreamt of him coming over and staying with us. The image of him lying on his rocking chair in the front porch is still bright and clear in my memory. I wasn’t as attached to anyone like I was to him. Miss you Muthacha!

He left us for the heavenly abode in November 1991. Ever since his departure I have felt the void created in my heart. I have always searched for that warmth and love in all those old eyes that met mine over the years.

So sometime ago, I had visited the temple near our house after dropping the girls to school. On my way out I saw an old man who stumbled and fell on the road. Along with the security guards deployed at the gate of the temple, I helped him sit on the pavement. He told me that he had to reach the next building. I dropped him at the gate from where he was accompanied by others. 

This is the place where I had dropped him.

I had seen this place earlier too and had been to the adjacent temple a few times. But it was only on last Janmashtami when Li’l Love adamantly said that she wanted to visit this temple that we went and by chance entered through the gate of this old age home. Post that I have been there a few times to make donations. This time, I met a few old men and women sitting outside the office enjoying the evening tea. 

Their stories range from being asked to leave the house, to being deserted on the pretext of taking them to a mall, to creating situations that made them leave voluntarily. There are also those who have come here by choice. Each story will make you shed tears and wonder about what your old age has in store for you. 

They do need your help and support in cash and kind. But the most important way to help them is by being there once in a while and talking to the inmates.


They are currently building their website and the details will be shared shortly. I’ll be meeting their chairman, Mr. Vimal Nagpal and secretary, Mr. Shyam Sundar Arora to discuss how I can help them in fund-raising. 

Follow this page for follow up posts and donate if possible. Amount doesn’t matter. 

Delhites are requested to take time to make a visit or send in your donations through cash/cheque in person or by courier. 


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