What do you think the wife should do?

Boy (a senior software developer) and Girl (a senior advocate) meet through a matrimonial portal. Girl says she needs at least a year to know and understand each other. They go on dates for one and a half-year. And finally got married in the presence of all loved ones showering blessings upon them.

Honeymoon, life after, buying an SUV and constructing a house together. Life goes on. The girl got pregnant after two years. He makes her abort citing he isn’t ready for a child yet.

It’s now three and a half years of their marriage and the girl is in her first trimester of pregnancy. This time he wants her to continue.

And one fine day he announces to her that in one and a half years of courtship period and three and a half years of marriage, he couldn’t develop any feelings for her. But he has found his ‘divine love’ in a girl (say B) from another city whom he met just two weeks ago through a messaging app.

The usual drama of blame game goes on between them while his mother continues to take the wife’s side. And one fine day, she calls up the transporters and vacates his house with all her belongings (read dowry).

The mother requests the neighbours (read us) to talk to him. Two hours of talking to him, I assess that he is a nut of the highest order. Three and a half hours by the husband who claims him to be a stupid of the premium quality.

His complaints:

She talks to my mother more than me. She loves my mother more than me. She just hugs me when I am back from office and then gets into the kitchen. If I am talking to her and my mother calls out for her, she goes to her. She is always finding some work to do in the house instead of being with me. With her I was never able to develop any feelings of love. 

When queried about B, the new girl in his life, he tells a story that even my six-year old will know is not real. He says B is herself an adopted daughter and a surrogate mother of a six-year old girl. He says B is under house arrest and is helpless. He says B’s daughter wants him to be her father. He also says B (who is twenty three years old and is under house arrest for last six years) is in contact with influential people like MLAs, MPs and DIGs. The pics of B he showed us was of a girl who was in complete make up and in no way seemed to be under any kind of stress.

He has quit his current job and taken up a new job in B’s City. The best part was when his wife informed us that he has booked a hotel room with B in his current city for a night and the next day both of them are leaving for her city in a first class coupe.

The wife who accidentally gets access to his emails and conversations with B about the hotel reservation and train bookings, comes and tries to communicate with him and sort things. And this is when the mother-in-law shows her true colours and blames her with, “If you weren’t able to satisfy him,  it is not wrong if he sought ‘LOVE’ elsewhere.

The wife now calls the police and registers a case of adultery.

But the mother-son duo are not in favour of a divorce. They say, ‘let him live in with B and judge if his feelings for her are true‘. The wife told us she is the one paying for the car and is also paying half of the EMI of the house under construction. And that according to her is the reason they do not want a divorce. The best part is that they do not want her to abort the child too.

What are your observations in the above scenario?

What do you think the wife should do?

Your response might help her take the right decision. 


11 Replies to “What do you think the wife should do?”

  1. I am no expert in this area but my common sense tells me that she has trusted and lived for them more than enough and that she should now start living for herself and leave that moron to his fate. And she should take her feelings, physical and emotional states, financial stability and commitments into consideration while deciding on to have the baby or not.
    I know that nothing is as simple as stated but sometimes you have to take a few steps to clear the mess that’s around us. And if love and happiness are a priority to her, then there is no way she is going to get those from that guy. I just wish her lots and lots of strength and courage.

    1. That’s exactly we told the girl. He doesn’t deserve her. And in this situation when this jerk isn’t even ready to give her a commitment, it doesn’t make sense at all. But, she seems to be still wanting him back in her life. Emotionally distressed she is. As a lawyer she is very much aware of her rights and what needs to be done, but a part of her that still loves him is stopping her. I hope she is able to find a way out soon.

      1. Tell her to move out and stop communicating with him… If a small part of her loves him that is ok but you cannt have your dignity violated…. Love should be your strength and not your weakness

  2. I think she should seek divorce, take all that is hers, even claim the house and car if possible…And if she doesn’t want the child then she should abort… Whatever the case she shouldn’t go back to that guy ever…

  3. Well he can try if it works out with girl B, but then the girl A, his wife has to leave right? I feel his wife has to leave him and lead a good life.

    Good luck to the girl (Girl A his wife)!!!

  4. He is not the one for you lady…. Cut your losses and leave… As far as the child is concerned— you are responsible for him/her so take your call without the influence of your MIL

  5. 1. I think theres more to the story than what we know for now. There are always dynamics within relationships that no one talks of.
    2. I wouldnt Tell Her this but the most practical decision to make would be for her to abort the baby if it safe for her and it is possible, take what ever is her’s, cut him loose and live her own life. No one needs to have people who dont care about them in their lives and yes, that includes the baby too(cause it is a liability not an asset in the present circumstances and right now she needs things that make it easier not tougher)
    3. You should let them play it out. Dont advice her except for telling her that it is her decision to make.

  6. she should get rid of him at the earliest. he is not worth of a relationship. and regarding baby its her sole decision as a man who cannot cannot respect his marriage should never have any voice for the baby also.

  7. I think she should walk out. Keeping the child is her decision though. No point in continuing this relationship.

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