First they’re nowhere.
And then they arrive.
Take possession of your body that you were once very proud of.
After struggling enough within the pool of aminiotic fluid and feeling bloated, they finally decide to pop out.
You were wishing so hard for them to vacate your body so as to feel like yourself again.
But what awaited ahead was unanticipated.
Everyone told beautiful stories of mommyhood.
Of the cute and naughty little pranks.
Of the pride they felt as a parent.
Of the innocence.
Of the unconditional love.
No one prepares you for the actual roller coaster ride you’re about to experience for the rest of your lives.
Once a mother, you will only be a mother.
No matter how much you deny it, that’s what is the truth.
The unwritten rule of motherhood.
Worry forever.
About their health.
About their development; physical and mental.
About their education.
About their activities.
About their appetite.
About their friendship.
It’s alway about them.
No date with the husband goes without indulging in discussions about them.
And how can we miss the endless moments when they leave you speechless with their antics.
After years of them following you like the Vodafone pug, you realize that they have grown out of your wings and it’s now your turn to be the pug for the remaining years of your life.
Motherhood is an encyclopedia in itself.
Every moment is a new chapter.
A new discovery.
A new lesson.
Mistakes you make.
Every act is like a new experiment.
Each time the results are different.
Learning on the go.


6 Replies to “Motherhood”

    1. They are our biggest foes and they are our greatest friends. The same reason for which we would have walked out on a relationship or a friend, is forgiven and forgotten so easily in a mother-child relationship. I always wonder about it. 🙂 This relationship of a mother and a child I believe will remain undefined forever. 🙂

  1. Yes it is a roller coaster and its brave to not like it at times, to miss the before-parenthood-me but it is a huge learning experience about life and the meaning of this world.

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