Faces Unseen and Stories Untold

Beyond The Horizon


Everyone has.
Every life has their share of stories.
Good. Bad. Ugly.
I have. You have.
And every face on the street has.
Some stay with us.
Most go unnoticed.
Eyes that are perhaps already reading them out.
Hearts that are bleeding and are about to break down.
Hands that are waiting to be held.
We may not be able to get involved in every story.
We may not be able to solve most puzzles.
But we can choose to may be ease some of them.
At least for a while.
That will definitely help us ease our own.
In known or unknown ways.
A simple smile as you pass by that old lady.
A smile you can conveniently share with that toddler on the school bus who waves at you.
A thank you to the fruit/vegetable/milk vendor.
A thank you for that not so punctual sweeper.
A piece…

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