The Rotten Brinjals

The other day, my man returned from office late in the evening. The Little birdies started chirping loudly and simultaneously, sharing the events of the day. From who scratched whose face and who stabbed whose back to who pee-ed and who poo-ed. You got to give it to the man for his patience. I always wonder if he uses earplugs or the likes.

I jumped in adding to the cacophony. As I managed to finish my first few words, there was silence and complete attention from the girls.

What did I say?

I told him, rather confessed, about a mistake I made some days ago. I had been to the weekly market and had bought few brinjals. The small ones. For some reason I’m still trying to gather why I had kept them in a not so easily visible corner of the kitchen. And yesterday I found the packet in a completely rotten stage while cleaning up.

The man just said that I got to be more careful dealing in the kitchen. Twelve years and he is still hopeful. 😉

The girls wanted to know why I had told something to their Dad when I could have easily shut it up.

To this I replied, “I can’t afford to miss my sleep for this small yet huge enough mistake.”

It’s true. I cannot afford to have a sleepless night. And so I mutter everything I have in my mind to this one person in this world who has the capacity to ignore, explain, pacify or correct me, as required.

This actually gave me a chance to tell the girls how important it is to have a place called home and people called family with whom you could share anything and everything. They can help you. They can correct you. They can provide you with solutions. You don’t have to struggle all alone. And having spoken the truth, you don’t have to fear anyone and you don’t have to fight a battle of morality with yourself.

The girls were mighty impressed by the little lecture I gave them. But there was one thing I did not confess to any of them. That day I had three pieces of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates! Something I cannot resist. And something I cannot afford to share. That’s one battle of morality I love fighting with myself. 😛


13 Replies to “The Rotten Brinjals”

  1. haha…well it’s true you know…sometimes the most insignificant of things need to be shared with someone, with the family..and especially when it bothers us, however small an issue it might be… As you said it helps us not lose sleep over it

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