God doesn’t get insulted or offended


I was born as a baby girl. Thanks to the Supreme Power that devised a method of procreation.

Oh yes! I do believe in a Supreme Power that runs the Universe with its magic wand. A power that makes the tectonic plates of earth and other planets and stars move making way for more planets and asteroids in our galaxy and other galaxies. A power that no one has yet identified. A power that made complex toys called human beings.

I was born to Hindu parents and thus I’m supposed to be a Hindu. Honestly, we have no idea when and how the chain started in our family. But it is continuing and none of us bothered to question the rituals and beliefs we were to follow courtesy the religion we supposedly belonged to.

I’m sure that the rituals and beliefs would have differed if I were born in a different religion. But the underlying body that was to follow these remained the same in almost all aspects. Doesn’t it?

So, why are we fighting in the name of religion? Why are we fighting in the name of the millions of Gods that our ancestors devised for us? Has any one of you seen or spoken to your God? Did He come down and teach you to hate your fellow beings? Did He come down and ask you to proclaim your war by killing innocent young children, men and women? I doubt. Because I pray daily. I pray daily that the world be safe. I pray daily that may good sense prevail. But a look at the newspaper headlines makes me doubt my own God. The Super Power that I believe in. Because if He/She/It were actually this powerful, They could have stopped all of these. Isn’t that what the stories from each of our epics and holy books tell us. That God prevented bad events? So where are They? In hiding for their own existence? Or have They abandoned us totally?

The Supreme Power that I believe runs this universe would not want us to kill in His/Her/Their name. They have created us and have provided us with sufficient resources that can help us flourish. It is our own mentality and immaturity that we stoop down to these levels and chose to put the blame on Them.

I’m against the forced conversion of a human from any religion to any other.
I’m against those who killed thousands in the 9/11 attack. In New York.
I’m against those who massacred in the 26/11 attack in Mumbai.
I’m against those who brutally molest, rape and kill innocent children and females in Nigeria.
I’m against those who attack people blaming it all on mental instability.
I’m against those barbarians who are such cowards to shamelessly attack young school children in Peshawar in the name of revenge.
I’m against those who attacked the men and women at Charlie Hebdo.

Killing people of any age, from any region, of any religion, belonging to any caste, creed, race or social status is not justified at all. You have no God. You have no religion. You have no beliefs. Your teachings are satanic. The only place you belong to is Terrorism. I’m ashamed to be belonging to a species you belong to.

If a mere cartoon can disrespect your God, if a dress can insult your beliefs, if a food can robe you of your religion, it is time for you to free yourself from this world. Kill yourself! That will end half the misery in the world. How about a mass suicide attempt? Detoxification of self??

Stop killing in the name of God!

If you truly believe in one, you must know it’ll all be about love, friendliness, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, kindness, mindfulness and gratitude.


30 Replies to “God doesn’t get insulted or offended”

  1. Your post is very valid but you are also an extraordinary lady who deeply cares about those around her. Not nearly enough people do. You are head and shoulders above so many even the so called religious ones.

    1. I’m no extraordinary. I’m sure the ones who kill are a very small number compared to those of us who are against these killings. All I want is to make these monsters use their minds and brains instead of feeding on someone else’s brainwashing. It’s gotten out of control. Something drastic has to happen to make all this stop. This is not we want for our children. This is not want we want to offer them. Isn’t it?

  2. I think you put of questions here which is in most of our minds… Why do we fight in the name of a God we have never seen? When did Religion become so important that humanity took a back seat? I don’t understand what path this world is being led into… But I grieve with the world seeing how much havoc men and women blinded by religion can cause…

  3. Religion is a personal belief and it should remain in the confides of your house. We should understand that God is not so small that he/she can be insulted by his/her creation nor is he so weak that he cannot defend himself/herself

    1. Exactly. He/She aren’t mere mortals that get affected, offended or insulted. They don’t need us (who are not even equivalent to a sand granule when compared with the universe) to protect or defend them.

  4. Why do people kill in the name of defending their religion? That’s a question that can never be fully addressed until people truly realize that the essence of religion, any religion, is not same as “religion-ism” which is nothing but a man-made creed/set of beliefs/customs/codes etc. The age of religion-ism has to end before we can get to the true essence of religion. Perhaps all the horrible stuff we see in the name of religion-ism – some of which you have listed here though sadly and unfortunately the list is very, very long – is Nature’s cruel way to help humanity get rid of all the religion-ism. A difficult but necessary cleansing in a way.

    1. You said it. It must be a way to cleanse the world and get rid of the concept of following different religions. But it is sad and hurtful. How long before we realise our mistake?

  5. Well valid question but no reply to that. Don’t know I think people just want to find an excuse to do bad things and religion is the easiest ..

    I blame the religious leaders all of them because they have dilutes the teachings .. ways.. everything so much.. They have changed or preached things that suit them ..that we all have just forgotten what real religion was or what the prophets or god said or wanted us to do..

    I think all religions should be banned. . 90% problems will get solved

    1. There is no point exercising religious traditions, rituals or indulging in social causes, if at the end of the day we cannot tolerate a mere cartoon or if we have to kill children to take revenge. Humanity died a hundred thousand deaths in this recent past.

  6. What a wonderful headline! God really doesn’t get insulted. If only His followers would take time to ask themselves what He really wants rather than assuming it all, we’d have more peace around us.

    1. Assumption for the benefit of a few is indeed the problem. The ones who are actually putting it into effect are not even aware how they are being misused by their so called religious gurus. One should actually make them all stand in a line and shoot them one by one. Peace will then prevail.

  7. I agree with most of what you have to say, Rekha. I too believe in a Unifying force and a Benevolent principle of goodness. It seems petty to take umbrage at a cartoon or a dress code and kill in its name. The only thing I would respectfully disagree with is the ‘mass suicide’. Trust me, I know that you come from a place of pain and sadness when you say this and I identify with it completely. But the mass suicides are not going to help either, are they? I know that total transformation of people is practically impossible, but to do it with a fraction of them is definitely worthwhile. Let’s hope better sense prevails in the future and we have lesser Peshawars and Charlie Hebdo scenes to look at.

  8. It’s a shame and disgust. Such people are insane, killing in the name of God. No religion or God encourage killing and such murderers have no right to call themselves believers for they are not.

  9. This is perhaps a question that haunts a lot of people. Why do people kill in the name of religion? What do they actually want to achieve with it? I think it’s the addiction, the blind faith, that kill their conscience and make them inhuman….

    1. Seriously, the kind of passion they show in misleading youth and provoking them to kill people…it can be put to so much better use and help humanity as a whole. If only they realised and implemented it.

  10. As you rightly said Rekha, we have no power over where we are born to whom and into which religion. Then why fight and kill over it, I wonder if somebody and told these folks who kill that they were born into the religious community of the people they kill, will they take u-turn, repent and start fighting against how they were brought up and what they believed in all these years! in solidarity with what you have said.

  11. It is sad that people do not use their Brains. When there is a problem, you have to go to the source. The source of our actions are our belief systems…So, I wish more people would question how the concept of God came about, why we believe what we believe, what is the underlying emotion for this belief.

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