What’s Good or Right? What’s Bad or Wrong?

It’s such fun-filled experience waking up the kids if you have some extra time to spare.

Anu hates being woken up early unless it is for a vacation trip, an adventure trek, a safari or for an early morning havan or pooja. With her eyes tightly shut so as to not let sleep escape her little eyes, she said,

“I hate school. Why couldn’t we all be born educated? It would have been such a delight for the parents if the kids came out of their Mom’s tummy yelling ‘Hello, Mamma! Hi Papa! Glad to be out.‘. We could have slept as much as we wished for. We could have woken up whenever we wished to. We could have watched TV and played on iPad without any time limits.”

Suddenly she opened her closed eyes. Paused for a while before she said,

“Then the Pakistani school kids would have been with their Moms and Dads right now. Isn’t it?”

You! Whoever you’re, please take note of what my little girl just uttered. And do the necessary Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Whatever it takes but please please please help wipe out these bad thoughts from the evil souls. Make them all good and kind.


Li’l Love asked me why God makes bad people. I didn’t want her notion of God or the Supreme Power that created the Universe to change into a confused or a negative one. I told her that God never makes anyone bad. No one is born with bad intentions. He only provides us with a healthy body, our limbs, our senses and the ability to think. He only made all good things like people, animals, birds, mountains, rivers, trees and so on. He provided us with all the fruits and vegetables like oranges and potatoes for her and custard apples and okra for her Anu Di. Yes! That’s what they love. I told her it is us, who are supposed to utilize this ability to do or be good or bad. She wasn’t convinced. Then I asked her if she was a good girl. She nodded in affirmation. I asked whether she has a mind that tells her that something is good or bad, right or wrong. She agreed. Then I asked her why she chopped off her hair when she was at her grandparent’s place when Dad and Mom were in the hospital. She kept quiet. I asked her why she felt the need to keep quiet for days and keep it a secret. Then I told her that I had found it out the very first day I was tying her hair for school. I told her that she was uncomfortable because her mind was telling her that it was wrong and it had to be hidden. She hid her face in her palms. Then I told her that whatever good or bad we do, we ourselves know whether it is good or bad. God had given us a perfect tool, that is our mind. And all we need to do is use it effectively. All she did was nod.

I wish my words did make some sense to her.

Kids definitely make you come out with things that otherwise you would have never thought of by yourselves.

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11 Replies to “What’s Good or Right? What’s Bad or Wrong?”

    1. Thanks Beloo! Children these days have a hundred odd queries on every single thing on earth. They just wait like a tiger to pounce upon the unsuspecting prey, that is the parent. Loving this phase of life when I have enough time in hand to patiently listen, answer, argue, debate with them. 🙂

  1. Sadly it is also those people’s very mind that told them to do the unspeakable thing that they did. Though the mind does know right and wrong, a lot of external influences can make us do things differently, I suppose. Or as they said one person’s right is another’s wrong. Regardless, you tackled the explanation really well, Reks. Hats off and more joy of parenting to all of us 🙂

    1. Lessons learnt through everyday parenting, Sid. I didn’t want to create more chaos in their tiny minds. Will get to the external influences thing when we cross the bridge. 🙂

    1. True Rachna. The world and the happenings around us are getting scarier and mysterious by the day. The current question on my mind being why the plane is untraceable when we boast of so many technological advances. 😦

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