Privacy Rights Violation – FaceBook

My regular readers must be aware of an ordeal I went through in September 2014. It is described here in this post, Land of Stalkers and Perverts. My anger and frustration I had vented out in this post, Hate Story – A Letter to all Cowards.

I had a social responsibility to let you know that one of the fake profiles that shared one of my profile pictures was pulled down because almost all of its posts included obscene content and pictures. There was another profile that used my picture as their profile picture. This profile was basically sharing pictures of innocent females without even their knowledge. But the pictures were not obscene and hence FaceBook only pulled down the picture I had complained about.

I had tried every possible way from Reporting the Picture to Reporting the Prrofile, writing to FaceBook India head and to their Grievance Officer in UK. Nothing helped.

And then my blogger friend Roshni shared with me a link to register my complaint as one last attempt.

Report a Privacy Rights Violation

Action was taken in less than 12 hours after I reported the two profiles on this link.

While investigating my problem, I had access to the immense support and knowledge of author Sumana Khan. Sumana and I found that there was more to this evil than we had thought. There were infinite number of fake profiles and groups that shared pictures of innocent and unaware females. And the best part was that there was no way one could know if their picture has been stolen and misused. Pathetic!

And hence Sumana wrote this very important piece to help everyone protect their profile as much as they can.


Here are some more important articles that you can read and educate yourself with the cyber threats we are all prone to.

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I had filed written complaints with Delhi Police and with the Cyber Crime Cell. I was redirected to Special Police Unit for Women and Children and Economic Offences Wing. But by the time I got a proper response it was about 2 months and FB themselves had taken down the pictures/profiles based on my complaint. Hence I did not take it up from there.

With this experience what I have learnt is that Online or Offline: you are as safe as you keep yourself. Irrespective of whichever part of the world you are in.


11 Replies to “Privacy Rights Violation – FaceBook”

    1. Your help and support during this troublesome time will always be remembered Roshni! When most people chose to blame it on me, you were one of the few who tried to understand, empathize and help in every possible way. Thank you once again!

    1. Thanks for reading, Vishal! FB has its own categorization of right and wrong, obscene and not obscene. I believe if we think practically we cannot blame them completely as they operate across the globe and they cannot have different set of do’s and don’t for each country,

  1. We all learnt from that. It was a shocker, not only to you but for all of us who witnessed it on Facebook. We must learn to protect ourselves. I feel we bloggers shouldn’t accept friend request from all and sundry and should check before accepting. I witnessed this a week back that most bloggers add people and they don’t know who they are.

    1. Saru, it was a very valuable and unforgettable lesson. I wish no one has to go through it ever because I know how traumatic it was for me. And yes, friend requests have to be properly judged. But in my case it was not because of anyone in my friend list. Or so I would like to believe. But one think I learnt from this experience is you cannot trust anyone completely. And there is absolutely no security online.

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