Delhi retains its special honour as the Rape Capital

What do you do to a tiger that turns into a man-eater?

What do you do when a hyena from the nearby jungle starts picking up infants from your village at the stroke of midnight?

What do you do to an elephant that is in musth and creates havoc?

What do you do when your street dog is affected by rabies? 

Do you wait and attend trial after trial to prove their crime? Or do you instantly declare punishment?

Uber cab driver in India arrested after suspected rape

Uber attacker ‘is a serial rapist

Uber Faces Legal Action In India Following Arrest Of Rape Suspect

Gurgaon rape case: Why Uber’s ‘security measures’ are not foolproof

16th December 2012. The night India witnessed the most horrendous rape. Almost two years to the incident and a change of government, where are we?

Has anything changed for the urban Indian woman? Is there one place she can call as safe? I doubt.

The worst is when I hear people blaming her for falling asleep. I do agree that in a rape city like Delhi one has to be super careful and alert about the surroundings and people around. But then, is there someone who has complete control over sleep? Do we know what were the circumstances that the lady was in before landing up in this situation?

There are also people who blamed her for staying out so late and hiring a taxi at that hour of the day. Having worked in a corporate atmosphere for almost one and a half decade I know that refusing to attend an office get-together however late in the night can have serious repercussions on your appraisal. Been there and refused. Sorry, it does not have anything to do with casting couch. Your presence under any circumstance is considered a must by your seniors. So was she wrong? I doubt.

And hiring a taxi. The so-called seniors in the company who can easily help her avail a cab through the office transport many a times refuse to approve the cab facility. I know of incidents when fellow colleagues complained about mishaps at the pick-up points which were a little far from their house. They got a response that will make all of you want to punch the person hard right on his face. He said, “There are so many girls with whom all this happens. Why is it that only you have a problem and need a pick up from home?” And the manager refuses to be of help beyond a point because he is scared that it might turn eyes on him for supporting the female colleagues. Hadh hai!

The best part is when I saw the breaking news that the accused who’s been arrested now has been arrested for similar crimes many times earlier too. In short, he is a serial offender.  Then why is he still roaming freely on the roads? Or have they issued him a license to the affect that he can rape as many as he wants and not get punished?

While I do agree with all those advice and security steps that females are provided with, I do not in any way understand the lethargy exhibited in such cases by law-makers and law-enforcers.

Honestly, I don’t know what to expect from this city, these people, this country and this world that I call my own. Terribly hurt and feeling hopeless!


9 Replies to “Delhi retains its special honour as the Rape Capital”

  1. I read the news a day before as ‘The Front Page Headline On Indian Express’. It grabbed the attention, you see! And that’s what these headlines are for–Create the aggression for one day, make our rulers feel sorry, be as pretentious as they can about the (so called) bad news, and then after a day or two–woooshhh!!!—everything just disappears, everyone gets normal into their daily routines, some unknown urban or rural woman gets victimized yet again—And the cycle continues!!

    Who has the time to think about “Protection of women” in such a SAFE city or country for that matter!! Oh no one!!! Because thinking about such petty issue would make our country rulers relegate their utterly important chores like–begging for votes, attending inaugurations, living a luxury life!

    Change demands a stern action! And to be true “Humari sarkar me dum nhi itna ki parivartan laya ja sake” ! Be it any of the parties!


  2. You know the popular sentiment would be to run dictatorship in the country -however history is replete with instances where dictatorship has spiralled into an abyss. Remember this was when there was a very elementary Atom bomb. Now we have bombs 6000 times that power.

    So it has to be democracy, with more accountability no matter how tiring it gets.We need to fix one block at a time.

  3. Simply because he was arrested earlier how can you say that he is a serial offender? Even Badaun case accused were arrested on a false case. There are many others who were arrested on false cases and are released after trial. Do they all become criminals?

    1. I hope you are still following this case. If not, here’s a link you must read.

      I or whoever is speaking in favour of getting the accused punished are not speaking against someone who is innocent. We want the law to find the real culprit and take action. Not in ages, but immediately. I’m not someone to tag him a serial offender. I write on the basis of what I read about the case. I hope you got my point.

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