Dhishum Dhishum – An Out of the World Story

I’m Smita. I’m now 39.  Still single and happy. The only possible time when I feel the need for a companion is possibly when I don’t feel like eating alone or shopping alone. Just like today. Most of my classmates have tied the knot and are now almost buried underneath the huge set of responsibilities. The mad rush on their face makes me heave a sigh of relief. I’m happy just to be with myself. No strings attached. Whenever I feel the need to fondle a child, I just bump into the most unsuspecting couple’s house.  The best part about staying single is that you can attach and detach easily. So very easily. And when you are blessed with a superpower, it’s just sone pe suhaga kind of feeling. An out of the world experience.

It’s been quite a while since I left high school. But trust me, it was pure unadulterated fun. The gossips. The hangouts. Bunking classes. Such mesmerizing memories. Louder than life laughter, without bothering to see if it disturbs anyone or if someone is overhearing us. Casual. Carefree. Just like free birds.

That’s what I thought when I saw these two girls at the Allen Solly outlet at The Great India Place in Noida that evening. They tried at least a dozen tees. Giggling, whispering and laughing out loudly all along. They finally walked out without buying anything. That’s teenage. I miss doing so now that I have a tag attached, ‘Professional and Mature’. Courtesy my project management role. Huh!

Anyway, since I had nothing else to do this weekend I thought I’ll just do some window-shopping and eat out.

After the window shopping and some real shopping, as I moved towards the lift to reach the food outlets on the top floor, I saw the same two girls. This time a little worried and scared. As a policy, I do not talk to total strangers. So I kept quiet.

As the lift started closing I saw five men hurrying into the lift and one of the girls pushing the close door button. As soon as the door closed and the lift started moving up they wore a slightly relieved look. They were glad that the men missed the lift. I was amused.

I followed the girls. As they rushed forward they were looking back again and again as though expecting someone to follow them. And there. As the lift came up again, those five men got out and started passing lewd remarks and following the girls. The girls out of fear entered the nearby washroom. They stayed there for over half an hour.

And then mere dimaag ki batti jal gayi. Of course, without Mentos!

(I had by mistake called out the office boy by his name a little too loudly that day. “Shiv, Shiv…” Shivji had had a terrible fight with Parvati Mata. And so He was totally free to listen to anybody in need. He appeared right in front of me. Oh yes, the damroo waale Shivji only. He said that He was prasann with me for not having spoiled the life of a young man by staying single. As a return gift He offered me a secret superpower. I could appear and disappear at my will. Wow! Not sure if there’s a subordinate or another office boy by the name of Vishnu. But then how will I know when is He going to have a fight with Lakshmiji! Huh!)

Anyway,  so as soon as everyone vacated the lift, I snapped my fingers and Ta-Da.

It was getting late and they had to get out of this mall. They got out slowly and I followed them in my Mr. India avatar. Errr….Ms. India.

The girls got into a lift and pressed the button for level minus 2. And before the door closed, the five men barged in. They started misbehaving with the girls. I don’t know why I didn’t react immediately even though I was invisible. May be being a female I was also scared of what the outcome might be. You know this is what we have learnt all along. To fear. People fear death. We don’t fear death. We die almost everyday. Courtesy a comment, a stone pelted at us, a grab, a tickle and what not. We fear Life.

Picture Courtesy: www.UdaipurBlog.com

Reality slowly but finally dawned on me. As one of the guy tried pulling off the shirt of the girl in peach, I slapped hard. And one more. A few more. He was perplexed. And then I gave a few punches to the others who were teasing the girls. They were trying to touch them here and there. They were trying to grope them. Some with their legs, some with tongues, some with their eyes. But all with one intention.

Dhishum!! Dhishum!!

I always wanted to have those dolle sholle like Dharam Paaji and the dhai kilo ka haath like Sunny Deol, six-packs abs like Sallu-Shahrukh, and give flying kicks and punches to cheapsters like them. Nothing annoys me more than men misbehaving with females. And that too kids half their age. I almost beat them to death while they kept wondering how and from where did Mr. India arrive. The girls were shocked and amused at the same time. But their folded hands revealed how thankful they were for this invisible avatar of all the bhagwaanjis they were calling then. I neither appeared in front of the men nor the girls. I got into the parking lot and went near my car before appearing again. I wanted those bastards to remain confused and scared for the rest of their lives.

When I was given this superpower, I wasn’t sure of what I could do with it. I always thought I will use it to know what people actually thought about me. What they talked about me behind my back. Or I’ll use it to annoy people. But it was on that day that I could understand how every single power can be put to good use as well as misuse. And then it was clear. The purpose of my life. Kicks and punches!

Wanna try some? 😀


Today’s Project 365 prompt for me is

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower? Tell us a story.


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10 Replies to “Dhishum Dhishum – An Out of the World Story”

  1. Are you sure you got the boon from Shivji and not Parvati or Durga or some other Devi? 🙂 Or perhaps a Devi’s boon would have also included a little bit extra – like the power to totally transform the mindsets of these goons once and for all, so that they wouldn’t even think again of doing such a thing!
    Nicely done, Rekha. A fun read on a serious topic.

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