Tomorrow I’ll Die

My Project 365 prompt for today is

Eat, drink and be merry……for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.

What a perfect timing for this prompt!

30th October was my last working day at work. And after a fifteen year long career, a break like this is nothing short of the world coming to an end. But the trouble is I’m not a foodie and the prompt wants me to write about my last dinner. So I thought I’ll tweak the post a bit to accommodate the WP prompt and my interests.

Tomorrow I’m going to die. How would I want to spend my last day?

I’ll wake up early in the morning like always. Put on my sports shoes and go for a long long walk along the closest river Yamuna. I enjoy solitude along the river bed full of greenery. The farmers living there along with their families have already gotten into the fields for the day long work. Their half-dressed kids are running around with wide smiles. Some of them are running behind a cycle tyre rotating it using a stick. I request one of them to allow me to do the same. It’s such fun. Just when I started panting for breath I notice a young girl swinging on a tyre hanging from a branch. And you know what…I ran upto her and sat on the tyre and started to swing.


The rope was so weak that it couldn’t handle my flower-like weight.  😛

And then I rushed upto the nearest dhaba and ordered the following.

1. Aaloo (Potato) Parantha

2. Gobhi (Cauliflower) Parantha

3. Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Parantha

4. Anda (Egg) Parantha

The simmering hot paranthas smothered lavishly with white butter presented along with a huge glass of complimentary lassi (buttermilk) made me drool like our neighbourhood dog Frudo.

On my way back I thanked the kids and handed them a Parle biscuit packet and some Melody toffees. I love smiles.

Post this I went to the nearby Tamil Nadu handloom bought a decent Kanjivaram saree I have been longing for using the husband’s credit card. And then he called. It’s been ages that we spoke for this long. What we spoke doesn’t matter. Or does it? Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

I reached home, dressed up like never before and decided to visit my parents for lunch. Mom’s thoran, errissery, manga kalan, pineapple pachadi, ishtu, pullienji, sambhar, papadam and my favourite ada prathaman. The best moment is when Dad takes the entire credit for having brought the vegetables and chopped them. Mom deliberately shows her irritation as Dad loves it. If I could I would send Yama back for having another one of these yummilicious sadyas.

Evening I waited for the girls and their father to return. I have booked a table at a fine dining restaurant and can’t wait to get my hands on those dishes. Candlelight dinner and romance was all only in books and movies till now. Today will be our first candle light dinner. I lovingly and dramatically (fultoo filmy style) held my hand out towards him while ensuring to display my shynesss as if I am a new bride and he has brought me a ring. By mistake my finger enters the candle’s flame.


As I opened my eyes I felt my hand kept on the bedsheet feel a little warmer and wet. I switched on the bedside lamp only to find that my 5-year old girl had peed. 😛

Thank God for dreams!

I don’t want to die. I want to live. I have a lot to do before I choose to accompany Yama Deva. The primary ones being:

1. Getting a doctorate in mythology.

2. Learning to drive once again.

3. Wearing the chilangas (anklets) and hitting the dance floor once again.

4. Eating world’s biggest chocolate truffle cake and the biggest hot chocolate fudge.

5. Earning a Black Belt in Karate and enjoy a fight with the firstborn who keeps challenging me.

6. Keeping on adding to the list….

Yama Deva, kindly wait till I tick of all on my list.

Delhi abhi door hai…


5 Replies to “Tomorrow I’ll Die”

  1. Rex, you have time to do all the things in the numbered list. All of them are so so doable now that you have the time on your hands 🙂 And I just hope Lil Love doesn’t notice the bed-wetting part of the post 😛

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