Break Free

Beyond The Horizon

Oh no! No. No. It’s not a post about Ariana Grande’s Break Free. It’s about me. It’s about a bold step that I’ve taken. Oh yes, I have decided to stop, breathe and reflect upon life. And with this decision is born my new blog: Beyond the Horizon. A blog which like me would love to travel beyond the horizon where there are no restrictions on words, on time, on space, on thoughts.

Thoughts let loose without any inhibitions it will be.

If what my parents say is true, I have been up and running non-stop since the day I was born over three and a half decades ago. My heart never skipped a beat. The sine wave never ever decided to take a different path or change its median. Running, running and just running. Non-stop.

Five years ago, A (my firstborn) was three years and a month old when she was admitted to…

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