Stumbling and Mumbling

Tick! Tick! Tick!

Time is ticking away. I have never sat down like this watching a clock for so long. Or so it feels. The second hand moves with such precision and speed that you can actually get a heart-attack as you feel how fast the sand of time is slipping out of your hands. Too much anxiety is something I dislike. Blood seems to be rushing through my veins at a speed faster than that of light and makes me feel all the veins will burst out of the pressure.

And so I move.

Switched on the idiot box and browsed through the news channels. Same old Congress vs BJP vs Modi. I should have known that it is election time in Haryana.

And then I browsed through the movies. Nothing exciting or anything that can make me want to sit through.

Beep! Beep! Beep! The buzzer on the washing machine screamed with all its might.

Phew! The clothes are done. I went up to the terrace garden where the clothes are hung on the clothesline to dry. I was about to leave the terrace when it felt like someone was gesturing. I moved closer. A little bit more closer. There. The tulsi seeds that I had sown a few days ago had sprouted and the inch-long sapling was smiling and waving with little help from the cool breeze. Every sapling that sprouts feels like a new child. Ready to be nurtured with love and care.

And then I pampered the money plants that lined the parapet wall. That reminded me of this cutie pie.


Picked her up from a lush green garden creeper. Started off in that small bottle with just two leaves. And now it stands this tall gracing my kitchen window. Growing plants or keeping pets is such a therapeutic experience. That’s exactly how children grow if you provide them with a safe, friendly environment and ample time garnished with just a pinch of love.

Sat down to respond to the comments of two posts pending since long. But I couldn’t. I have no idea but I don’t feel like writing, reading or commenting on anything these days. Wish I can get out of this lazy mode soon.

With the festive season and Lil Love’s birthday ahead the one thing that’s up on my mind right now is cleaning. Cleaned up the kitchen cupboards, cabinets and tiles in a day to my heart’s content. Ended up injuring the right leg with the wooden stool falling on it. This is right when the left leg bunion is still recovering. Waiting for the feet to recover to begin the Swatch Ghar Abhiyaan in full swing.  I feel the universe is conspiring to make me take a full-fledged break. Soon!

Went to the nearby market and as we waited underneath a Peepal tree, Lil Love spotted a Ganesha idol and made me fold my hands in prayer. She spotted that the right hand of Ganesha was broken and asked me why He has been thrown out of the house by the owners. I told her that broken idols are not considered auspicious enough to be kept inside the house. She bounces back:

If you ever break your hands or legs, should I throw you out of the house?

This girl always leaves me dumbfounded. Anyway after this incident the severity of my limping reduced automatically.


10 Replies to “Stumbling and Mumbling”

  1. Interesting logic. She’s comparing you to God, which is good, but somewhere, she also being mischievous 🙂

    As for the break, if you go to market with both legs recovering from injury/illness, then it’s high time that break was taken perhaps. 😛

    Could feel the tick of the clock through your words at the start too. It does seem to echo when we are in contemplation. 🙂

    1. To answer you line by line:

      Yes. Lil Love is extremely mischievous. A trait she has obtained from me. 😀

      Shopping you know is the best medicine. Even if it is of monthly provision. 😛

      Do you read mind? 🙂

  2. Nice post Rekha, i so agree with you that growing plants makes one happy 🙂 All the best for the preparation of the little ones birthday! I will now come often to read more!

  3. Pearl of wisdom from the daughter. Indeed, the clock tickles super fast and leaves me worried at the pace of life. Planning for 2 weeks break from blogging soon to recharge one’s batteries.

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