Dear R

I feel all parents do teach their children how to respect others. But some of them fail to do so. For the children of such parents we need to teach our children to fight back for their existence. A must read for all parents.

R's Mom

Sometimes in life, you need to stand up for yourself and speak. Sometimes in life, you need to be a leader and not a follower. And sometimes in life, you just need to leave friends who are fair feathered and be alone.

I hate to tell you all this when you are all but an innocent 6 year old, but unfortunately, this bullying happening on you is getting out of hand. Amma and Appa have not yet interfered, because both of us firmly believe, that kids sort out their own problems and the lesser adults interfere, the better it is.

But yesterday, was kind of horrible for me. Your Baroda thathi has always told me that ‘delivering a child into this world is perhaps one of the easiest tasks, its the bringing up the child which is the toughest part of parenting’ I didnt believe too much in her, but I…

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