Choosing a Career Made Easy

In 1996, I passed my Senior Secondary Examinations and was at that juncture in my life where I had to make a career decision. Based on this decision alone I could chart out the way forward on enrolling for #HigherEducation. The resources available were scanty. People from my generation were mostly dependent on experiences and advice shared by seniors from the family and friend circle. When it came to the usefulness of a particular course or the ranking of a particular course/institute/college/university, we mostly relied on word of mouth communication.

This season, few freshers approached us seeking guidance on making career decisions. Being from the education market we were expected to be of some help. That’s when we introduced them to this website,


The website covers all major disciplines like engineering, management, medical, law, finance & accounts, hospitality, government services, arts & design, information and technology.

It also has a tab named Exams which provides you with information on the various national and state level entrance examinations that are conducted across India.

CD2 is an extensive search engine developed with the sole intention of empowering students, parents and industry players with complete knowledge of the higher education industry that can help them make wise and informed decisions while making their career and institute choices. One can rely on this website for brief yet relevant information on colleges and universities.

It is a one stop destination to search about your dream college, available courses, admission process and lots more interactive tools to simplify the process of finding the best institute for you. The website has the repository of more than 20,000 colleges and 6000 courses.


A single click on the Management tab and you’re equipped with a list of 279 management colleges to choose from. You can use the multichannel filter page which sorts colleges/universities on the basis of location, ranking, ratings, fees and cutoff for different competitive exams.

There’s also a News tab which provides latest information on the admission procedures, availability of forms, entrance examinations, criterion for selection, fees and other announcements.

All in all, this is a one stop shop for all your queries and clarifications about higher education in India.



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