Hate Story – A Letter to all Cowards



I have been undergoing a lot of undue stress over the past few months on personal as well as professional front. And in the midst of all this there comes these thieves who stole my identity for their selfish motives. One thing is clear. Such people have no ethics, no morals, no conscience, no guilt. They’re just plain cheap. I am sorry if my words come out as offensive, but I am angry. I have been offended. And I need to vent it all out in order to remain sane and move forward. My moving forward in no sense means that I’m going to sit back quietly and ignore or forgive those buggers. There’s a very easy way of exposing them. But my upbringing doesn’t allow me to stoop down to their level. Hence this post. If they get it, good for them. If not, they’ll repent.

You know I have been investigating this case myself for the past one week and I found that this is nothing at all. This is not even one-millionth of the filth that is available around.

I found a friend’s two-year old daughter’s pic being circulated on two different profiles and one of the comments read:

Growing up to be a hot sexy chic!!!

I was shocked. How can someone comment like this on a kid at least one-tenth his age?


I was 7 or may be 8 when the first time a bugger of your kind (almost the age of my father) chose to touch my chest in day light in a moving train full of men and women. I was scared. I didn’t speak up. Since that day I was scared of every single man, irrespective of whether they had a perverted mind or not.

I was 11 when on my way back from the milk booth few pebbles hit me on my back. One of your kinds was having fun hitting me from behind. Coward!

I was 14 and was on my way back after my 10th standard boards when one of you chose to cover my mouth in a crowded DTC bus and touched me here and there till I stepped on your feet and made you uncover my mouth.

I was 16 when one of you started chasing me in the afternoons when I was on my way to the typewriting institute. I chose to drop out only because of you and I hate you for that.

I was 20 when one of your species started chasing me from my residence to my office and from my office back to my home. This continued for over a year. When I confronted you, you mentioned that you thought that I was feeling good about it. Who gave you the permission to think like that? You made me not trust even the few good ones around.

I was 26 and was in the 23rd week of my pregnancy when one of your kind misbehaved with me on a crowded green line bus. After getting off the bus, I cried a lot. I cried for the innocent child that I was carrying in my womb. You made me worry about giving birth to a girl child. You made me worry about her future. About how she’ll handle one of your kinds. Especially because the world is filled with so many of you. Yes.

I am not worried about people who say that my vansh will not be taken forward or I’ll not have anybody to light my pyre. There are enough electrical crematorium available. My daughters might just need to make a call. The only thing that for a second made me want not to have a child was you. You. You made me fear for my daughter. You made me fear for her fear. But I chose to give her birth and I promise I’ll arm her with enough strength, intelligence and wisdom to kill you without actually killing you. I never wanted to have a son, only because of so many of you that I had witnessed myself.

Do you have any idea about the child, the girl, the woman, the old lady that you chose to trouble? Do you have any idea of what they might be going through?

Bleed for 6-7 days (or may be more depending on your health) a month. Experience gender discrimination every single minute. Travel around with groping hands and piercing stares following you all the way. Carry a child and save him/her till they are popped out safely. Undergo medication and surgery for illnesses like breast cancer, ovarian cancer or the likes. Have your uterus removed for no fault of yours. Struggle making your family and your extended family run smoothly. Do all of this and then come to me and tell me, are we weak? Are we inferior? Oh, don’t give me those good old Apple story of Adam and Eve. It’s all bullshit. I don’t buy that argument at all. And for God’s sake, I am not saying that all of this is a favour that we did for you. We do it for ourselves. We do it because we have a heart that knows only to love. But the least you can do is to let us live. Give us our share of respect and privacy. After all we too are humans.

Females have always been taken for granted. The reasons are many. And since there’s a lot that is already spoken on this, I have nothing new to add. If you consider us weaker and inferior to you, live our life for a month and then I’ll ask you how you feel.

I’m sure you got a slight clue about the kind of hatred I have for you. Wait. This is nothing. I wish I could actually show you for real the kind of anger and hatred I have for you. If it was possible, I could have actually killed you with a trident just like Goddess Durga killed Mahishashura.

I know the readers of my blog includes men and women of all age groups. This is my sincere request to teach your children, your friends, your spouse, your parents, to respect a woman irrespective of her caste, creed, colour or race. After all, your existence wouldn’t have been possible had your mother (a woman) chosen not to carry you.

I hate you with every breath of mine. And I’ll ensure that I keep killing your kind with all my might till my last breath. This is just the beginning of a war. A war between you and me. And I promise to wipe you out. Start counting!

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27 Replies to “Hate Story – A Letter to all Cowards”

  1. very well said Rekha..Dont know what to say about those #Jerks .. Feel women must react violently to these people..use Pepper Spray etc and teach them a lesson they will never forget.. Keeping quiet or just verbal assault wont change them one bit.. they must suffer !!

  2. If such people are ignored or forgiven, they go a few steps further. They must be exposed and punished severely. ‘Laaton ke bhoot baton se nahi maante!’
    Many, maybe most people suffer in silence, especially if the culprit is powerful and/or wealthy and/or dangerous. However, we must take courage from the example of the girl (and her parents) who dared to complain against Asaram. Irrespective of the final outcome of the case, it is heartening that an ordinary family could take on a powerful, well-connected person.

  3. I echo every word you have mentioned above. We don’t need big changes we need small for each one of us and around us to make it big. I am really sorry you are going through tough times, I pray that in the coming 9 days of Navratri all your woes vanish.

  4. Rekha, I am at a loss of words after reading this post. I completely understand your need to vent it all out. I feel saddened to read that you have had to go through all this. I just want to send you a virtual hug, with a hope and prayer that your daughters will grow up to be a part of a better society.

  5. It’s despicable that in this country women have to fight for their basic safety. Basic Decency and respect is what should come naturally and yet we have to fight so hard for it.
    But instead of cowering or giving in, we need to keep retaliating and keep fighting. That’s the only way. Giving in is never going to be an option.

  6. I bow down to you, Rekha, for recalling such horrendous episodes of your life to speak down to those who are the very scum walking our planet. I can sense your anger but more than that I can sense that you will not be taken for granted. You will not be the one who will put your daughters through it either. In that, I read Hope.
    I hope we see a fitting end to this episode of identity theft. I also wish you strength to tide past all other difficult phases of your life.

  7. What a resounding message to the ‘filth’ that surrounds us. I feel terrible for the ordeal you are going through. It may be too facile for me to say that you are strong enough to fight the adversity, but, really, no one should have to face it at all in the first place.
    I hope one day we grow up to become a mature nation of sensible people.
    Stay strong, RV!

  8. Kudos to you for venting your anger in the form of writing. Stay positive and remember the good men out there. Don’t let these jerks and cowards shape your vision. Stay positive and keep writing.

  9. Your writing not just touched my heart but made me more confident. I am a married girl and like each and every woman or girl I have also faced shameful situations like this. Your blog made my wish to have a girl child in future more strong. So that I can infuse her with strength and power even more than me and can prove we are not weak. So STOP just taking us as granted.

  10. Rekha, I feel awful at how such incidents have left you feeling so bitter. I don’t blame you but I hope you won’t let such scum colour your outlook for yourself and your family!

  11. To have been through all that adversity and stayed strong, wow… you are amazing. I really mean that. The comments above have voiced most of what I wanted to say too, especially I agree with Roshni here. But, it is also good to see that you are okay. Stay optimistic even while being realistic, R. Writing can be very therapeutic.

  12. I hope atleast some of those perverts read your posts…
    I hope atleast some male minds transform!

    I agree its difficult being a girl… you have our own challenges every day which no man ever will be able to understand!

  13. Hats off to the strong woman……U! I sincerely wish those perverts….those jerks…those demons…Those repulsive creatures would get to know the wrath of women and suffer without dying…..I can very well equate with ur feelings and thoughts……How I wish all the women….mother’s, sisters, daughters, wives and neighbours…..in the lives of these .pperverts would join hands and destroy them without killing them! Love to hate them and feel good to know more and more hate them…..

  14. I am reading a similar feeling of mine. There were days I wished, I had super power to fly or be invisible to go and kill all such arakas on earth.

  15. It is terrible. It is a real shame. I hope that you are able to get justice. There are so many atrocious beings inhabiting this online world who have no qualms in causing so much hurt to others.

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