Luxury at its Best

What is Luxury?

Is it only the prerogative of the rich?

No. It is not.

The Luxe Café breaks the traditional notions and helps you reinvent what luxury is. It is for one and all. And by that I mean it is equally valuable for a Corporate Head in Mumbai to an IT Manager in Bangalore to a Post Master in Peepli (Rajasthan) to a School Teacher in Champhai (Mizoram).

Luxe Cafe1

As the editorial director Manisha Mayur Shekhar says,

“The Luxe Café is an innovative platform for digital storytelling, curating interesting and newsworthy experiences from the world of luxury.”

From fashion and gastronomy to people and places to home and interiors, the Luxe Café provides finer details of every single aspect of life.

Luxe Cafe2

While browsing through the rich content with finer details provided by a team of experienced writers, artists and design specialists, you also get the added advantage of personal opinions from industry experts. You also have the option of interacting with select industry experts to make informed choices.

“At times, a sound sleep can be a luxury and it cannot be bought however wealthy one is.”, says Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur.

Luxe Cafe3

At the Luxe Café, you have the value add of interacting directly with brands from different facets of life. Your doubts are clarified by the makers themselves and you can be sure of nothing but the best.

The Luxe Café is India’s first B2C online platform with curated content, dedicated to global luxury and lifestyle. It is developed as an online magazine for purveyors of luxury living and provides enormous elite lifestyle options to choose from.

Luxe Cafe4

Personalized services from well-known brands are highlighted for the user’s benefit.

The Luxe Café narrows down on some great properties for ideal holiday home to invest your money and enjoy you precious time with your loved ones. It helps you savour your first sip of premium tea waking up to the first rays of the sun on a magnificent Himalayan Peak or relish the best cuisine in the Sun City of Jodhpur or a splendid spa on your international vacation in Tokyo or transform your home without breaking the bank. There’s something to suit everybody’s taste.

Luxe Cafe5

So with the festive season and lots of holidays ahead, what are you waiting for?

Check out your options at The Luxe Café.


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