Indian Media – The Best Chat Bhandar


You know where in India do you get the best masalas (spices) and chat-pakodis (crunchy snacks)?

Where else other than the very own Indian Media.

Life would have been so dull and monotonous without them. They provide all the tadka required for the vibrancy in our day to day life.


Media today goes after the best story, not the truth.

Most of the big time media conglomerates are now only into controversial stories. It has to have masala or it has to be paid. They will publish it regardless of the fact that whether it has a certain amount of truth in it or not. If one were to sue them for human rights violation, 80% or more will be behind the bars.

A few links to prove my point:

Has Shweta Basu Prasad no Right to Privacy?, Asks Her TV Mother Sakshi Tanwar

Furious Deepika Padukone Slams Leading Daily, Says ‘I have breasts AND a cleavage! You got a problem!!?’

A Journalist Asked Parineeti Chopra A Sexist Question. Her Response Deserves A Standing Ovation

I am surprised that it took Sakshi Tanwar to come up with this for everyone to know that even those accused of rape or someone who is alleged to be involved in a sex racket have the right to privacy. Shweta Basu is not the first person to have been denied this right. Every woman, be it a cine star, small screen diva or an ordinary female from amongst us. Every single time each of them have been denied the right to privacy. Who gave media this right to convict them as offenders? Even law does not allow them to be called violators unless their involvement in the case is proved. While the pimps or the other party who paid them for the services are given a clean chit by not exposing their names. Why? Just because they are people with power, money and influence? Shameful!

Ranjini Haridas, Shetha Menon, Urvashi, are some actors from my home state who have been named and shamed again and again publicly by the media. This in turn helped a lot of garbage trucks to unload their garbage on the respective social media pages of these females in the form of cuss words, abuses and what not. Why? Just because they are soft targets? Are we even aware of how much stressful it is for them? Have we ever thought of where all this can lead them to? I sincerely appreciate their will power because of which they survive in the midst of all of this unnecessary chaos. I am in no way supporting people who are involved in such business. But like everyone else they do have a right to choose to do what they want. Make it legal for the sake of them. But no, our media will not fight for this case, because then they’ll not have enough masala to sell.

‘Can’t let you in as you are Park Street rape victim’: Rape survivor registers complaint after restaurant denies entry

I did not see most of the media talk of this unfair behavior towards the Park Street rape victim. They chose to again use Suzette Jordan’s name to en-cash most of the readership, but none named or shamed the manager who spoke rudely to her. Why?

A prime ministerial candidate was questioned on why he had abandoned his wife many many years ago. The case was shut within hours saying it is a personal matter. Is it that only people with money and power are supposed to have personal matters?

Not their fault. 24 hours news channels. What will they show? Showing incidents that can help the poor or needy or victims will not fetch them money. So they choose not to showcase those. High-end research information. That’ll help youngsters and academicians. But what will they gain from it? Loyal viewers/readers? Who wants them? It’s all money money money. If fast cash is not there, it doesn’t excite them. For fast cash they can stoop down to any level. From cleavage to bed room secrets to conspired sex rackets to any filthy thing.

I really respect the stand taken by some of the young sensible females like Nandita Das, Kalki  Koechlin, Parineeti Chopra, Sakshi Tanwar and now Deepika Padukone. They didn’t decide sit back and keep quiet and let things cools down themselves with time. They chose to speak up. They spoke for each one of us. Instead of shaming them or judging them, we should feel grateful that they chose not to be suppressed for the sake of many of us and our future generations.

  • What happened to the accused in the Bangalore school rape case in July 2014?
  • And those accused of the December 2012 Delhi gangrape?
  • What happened to Jagriti Singh accused of the murder of her domestic help?
  • And the infinite others?

Where is the media now? Have the offenders been arrested? Have they been punished? Who cares. Right?? After all, they all had to rush and cover one of our politicians seeking his mother’s blessings on his birthday.

One rape every 30 minutes in India

OMG: Deepika Padukone exposes cleavage!

These are the headlines that fetch them exorbitantly priced advertisements. Objectification of females, political agendas and blame games is all they want to spend their time on. The outcome no one cares about.

Our media does highlight the rape cases getting into the intricate details of the brutal act. But once they have earned enough from a particular masaledaar case, they hardly get back onto it to ensure that the offenders get punished. After all, it doesn’t get them cash. They hardly realize that the majority of India has woken up and is educated enough to understand who’s doing what. Gone are the days when politicians could brainwash the public using media. Today, people are more aware of their rights. They know when and how to speak for themselves. They know the cheap tactics of the media and they cannot be fooled forever.

Repeated incidents like Deepika lashing out, Parineeti showing the journalist his worth and so many others are a proof that this unfairness of the media will not be taken any more. a few more steps and these rogues can be put back into order.

My intention is not to shame or blame each and every media person. But I intend to warn those who stoop down to any level and resort to unethical means and practices. It’s only together that we can improve the state of affairs in our country and make it a better place for ourselves and our people. We must always remember that the victim could have been one of us, one of our loved ones, one of our very close ones. That alone will make us take the right step.

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The author Rekha Dhyani is one of the contributors to the We Post Daily and blogs regularly at Dew Drops. She also shares her lucky clicks at The Crystal Trance.


11 Replies to “Indian Media – The Best Chat Bhandar”

  1. I am afraid that this will only get worse. Whether it is the media’s idea of the interest of their readership or whether the readership’s interest is only this low, I have no clue. Business interests lie in readership since it is readership that hikes up ad revenues. AND, when we display our anger in Social media by highlighting these things they, probably, rub their hands in glee thinking of all the free publicity they are getting for that ‘news’ item.

  2. As long as media caters to the ‘lowest common denominator’ of its viewership and readership this glut will continue. Media Houses nowadays are not taking it upon themselves to cultivate a better Indian in terms of what they consume from media and are blindly following advertising money which relies on high TRPs which relies on tittilating headlines like the Deepika Padukone one, and as long as we don’t have responsible media reporting, this glut will continue, unfortunately.

    Extremely powerful post Reks, very hard hitting without getting sentimental or emotional about it, to the point.

  3. Exactly! This is the point. Things happen to us and they keep happening because we get complacent with them, and voracious media plays rest of the part. They leave behind their senses and brains before indulging into such kind of talks…and rightly said this will only get worse!

  4. I agree with the points enumerated, Rekha. What ToI entertainment did was very shameful and disgusting. Makes me wonder how it is turning into a porn website. There are some media houses who are doing good job but they rest are indulging into shameful activity. I am still aghast at the Deepika incident and Shweta Prasad’s name leaked. It a gross violation of privacy. I wrote something on similar lines and perhaps u’ll be interested to have a look.

  5. Since the last few years, the print and electronic media have become pure business enterprises interested only in saleability and profitability. Hence, they indulge in sensationalism that brings more viewers/readers.
    I miss the days of owners like Ramnath Goenka and editors like Arun Shourie.

    1. So very true. I really miss the good old times when the entire family used to sit down together and listen to the DD News attentively.

      And I just read TOI’s response to Deepika’s letter which makes me all the more angry. These guys have completely lost it. Disgustingly cheap!

  6. Our media is only a specimen of the prevailing EQ of the nation. I know it is hard to digest, but remember, it is a democracy, and the majority has the ultimate say. If for some reasons tomorrow a larger percentage of the intelligentsia decides to align its ideologies with Taliban, we have had it.

    1. Now you’re scaring me further. But I completely understand your point. The media is selling what a larger section of the society will buy. But then there has to be someone has to take a stand somewhere. Right?

  7. I find it particularly distasteful when they circle an area on the visual and scream look under garment is missing or undergarment is visible. They had put renowned actress like Sonali Bendre in lot of discomfort by announcing that she was travelling without underwear. This is despicable and poor journalism.

  8. When media houses are to run as business ventures can you expect any better? But all said and done, they continue to play a vital role in keeping us informed and entertained.

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