Random Ramblings from Mommy’s Desk


The other day, I was on leave and had gone to pick up kids from school. Lil Love ran up to me shouting with joy, “I am very happy today. I am extremely happy. Ridhima Pant won the Hindi poetry competition.” Anu picked up the circular and mentioned that she had won a consolation prize. But that did not reduce Lil Love’s happiness a single bit. If one has to learn to be happy in someone else’s victory they ought to learn it from these little souls. They are so genuinely happy for others when they are. They don’t fake it like most elders do.

There’s a lot I learn from Lil Love. Last week, one of her friends tore off her drawing in anger. She cried a lot. She’s very fond of drawing and painting and she was almost about to finish it. The friend tore it because Lil Love wasn’t playing with her. For two continuous days Lil Love kept telling me that she’ll never talk to her friend and will never play with her. I chose not to respond and just smiled to myself. The third day as we were getting out of the house to go for a walk after dinner, Lil Love asked me if she could call her friend too. Both the girls held hands tightly and jumped all along. Why do we complicate things when we grow up?

Anu has now started studying for her exams all by herself. For this round test though I made her sit on the dining table so that I could oversee what she was doing, it was she who did all her lessons all by herself. I remember the first time Mom had left me all by myself for studies was when I was in class 7th.

Anu has been showing signs of insect bite since last Sunday. On Monday we realized that it was spider bite and was spreading around her neck. Yesterday as I discussed it with a friend, she said that it is highly painful and I should not let her go to school. But little Miss. Rough & Tough tells me that even though it pains and she feels a burning sensation all the time, she wouldn’t want to miss her school. The reason: She’ll have to then sit through her zero hour to complete the pending work and will not get time to interact with her friends.

The girls are growing. Growing up pretty fast. In fact, there’s a lot of change in their mannerisms, attitude, body language, behaviour, thought process with every single day passing by. On one hand, I am extremely happy that they are growing up steadily and are maturing too. On the other hand, a small part of my heart aches to see them grow up so fast. The little birdies surely are going to fly away from my nest soon. All for good!

It was just yesterday that I jumped up with joy seeing the positive line on the pregnancy test strip. It was just yesterday that I enjoyed the butterflies, the kicks and the hiccups with them in my womb. It was just yesterday that I held them close to skin feeding them breast milk. It was just yesterday that I said, “Why can’t you girls grow up fast?

Time flies. It waits for no one.

By the way, just this morning I got an advance invitation for a candle light dinner. Anu said that she’ll take me to Amazon rain forests and we’ll have a candle light dinner there after she finishes her research on the different animals and birds. 🙂 How could Lil Love be left behind? She has promised to give me a ride on her motorbike. 😀



5 Replies to “Random Ramblings from Mommy’s Desk”

  1. When it comes to human relationships, small kids are much more mature than many adults! Kids value relationships much more than small grudges, but many adults cling on to small, maybe petty grudges at the cost of relationships.

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