Hunger for Love

The beauty of the world, the breathtaking landscapes, the soothing waters, the elegant and majestic hills, the awe brought in by the various ethnic groups, the smiles, the frowns, the rain, the birds, the flowers, the fruits, the stone sculptures sculpted carefully by nature. Nature has beauty in even its microscopic granules. With every single blink of our eyes, we get to capture photographs that remain etched in our minds. Some fade with times, but a simple conversation too can revive them back. To see, enjoy and capture this beauty more clearly I would want to continue to have my eyes safe and sound.  It is with these eyes that I see the world and it is these eyes that makes me realize how lucky I am to be able to relish all these.

I just passed by the Aggarwal Sweets outlet in our nearby market. Garam Garam Tikkis and simmering hot Samosas were being fried. It was with great difficulty that I stopped myself from giving in to the craving. A few steps ahead and I saw steamed and fried momos being packed along with the spicy chilli sauce. Sluuurp! Somehow managed to ignore the longing and move forward. That’s when I saw the fruit juice corner. Pomegranate, pineapple, grapes, sugarcane, apple, mausambi and mixed fruit juice. Banana shake, mango shake and many other shakes. Stepped forward with a heavy heart. But I promised myself that I’ll compensate for this. Dinner was at a nearby restaurant and we indulged in the succulent skewered delicacies. That’s when I realized the importance of being able to taste. Can’t imagine life without this sense.

Soothing sounds of life. The waters, birds, children, wind, insects, leaves. All of these make music that’s very much necessary for my life to maintain the little sanity left. Hence hearing is something I cannot let go.

I live in Delhi. The National Capital Territory which is populated by people from different regions, different economic sections, and having different lifestyles. Though over the past 5-10 years, the greenery in Delhi has improved manifold and infrastructure also has been worked upon continuously, nobody, I repeat has been able to get rid of the foul smells arising from decayed material. No. No. I’m not at all complaining about the government. It’s the people. You and Me. Some of us are so insensitive and careless in our waste management behaviour that even if the government wants or tries, they cannot get rid of this menace. Everyday, I pass by Khora, which is the largest unauthorized colony in Uttar Pradesh and may be India. I get to see children as young as months old sitting next to a severely stinky nallah and a huge mountain of garbage. Flies sit on their hands, face, nose and lips. It is so unhygienic. The garbage. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has arranged pick-up vehicles for garbage at designated time and with loudspeaker announcing its arrival. I hear it every morning. These guys will pick up garbage even if you leave the bag somewhere visible to them. This facility is absolutely free of cost. Apart from them there are MCD employees who come from door to door to pick the garbage, but we are not ready to pay them. People will not take the pain of throwing the garbage in the garvafe bins constructed by MCD or from their balconies into the vehicle, but would rather prefer to dump it in front of a neighbour’s gate. Ahhh…the sadistic pleasure that they get must be the reason. Some of these smells I simply can’t stand. And hence I can choose to live without this sense of smell.

I’m now left with the option of having super-sensitivity for a particular sense. I choose touch. Why? Because with touch I can understand people, I can sense their pains, their joys, their dilemmas. With touch I can pass on positive vibrations to someone who is feeling dejected and depressed. With touch I can make people feel wanted, loved and cared for. As Mother Teresa said, “The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved. The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” The Mother healed and revived so many with her bare hands. That’s the power of touch. With touch you exchange messages that your words or actions aren’t able to depict. The healing power of touch is unbeatable. And so I want to have super-sensitivity in touch. If I am able to heal or make one person happy with my touch, I will consider myself blessed.

Mother Teresa Love


This post is part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompts that they have provided. Today’s prompt is, “Super sensitive: If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

The author Rekha Dhyani is one of the contributors to the We Post Daily and blogs regularly at Dew Drops. She also shares her lucky clicks at The Crystal Trance.


7 Replies to “Hunger for Love”

    1. Mother’s words are so simple, full of wisdom and provides so much insight into the most ordinary situations. If each of us did at least 1% of what she has done for humanity, the world would be so much more beautiful, uncomplicated and painless.

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