Breaking Barriers

Oh yes, that’s me singing.

What? You don’t believe me???

Ok. Ok. That’s my namesake singing one of my all-time favourite songs.

arre saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do
inqilaab zindabaad
inqilaab zindabaad

Rules and regulations somehow are not my cup of coffee!

Errr…coffee and not tea because I do not take tea unless I have a non-stop running nose and only a Tulsi Adrak waali chai can prevent an explosion at home. Really. I mean it. I can take anything but that non-stop tap of leaking…eeek!!! Whatever! Running nose makes me an extremely irritated and frustrated insect ready to sting anyone and everyone.

I love to be free. To be independent. In my deeds and my actions. Restrictions of any kind do not work for me. I also like to give as much freedom to anyone even distantly related to me. Shhhhh….please don’t go and interview the girls. If you do, don’t trust them. After all we are friends. Aren’t we?

The husband has given me that kind of freedom at home. Why else do you think he has survived eleven years of our marriage? You know sometimes, I got to lie to keep him happy. Yes. Yes. He does take time once in a while to read my posts. More because he wants to ensure that I haven’t disclosed his secrets. Don’t worry, I will do that soon.

My manager is one who has given me that kind of freedom and independence at work. I guess that’s what has made me survive at work for the last one and a half decade. Oh yes, I recently completed 15 years of my career. Furniture I am. Right??? Give me work and the timelines. Any kind of micro-management can make me go crazy. I hate pokey noses. Now you know why I dislike Pinocchio. Don’t you?

As you are most likely aware, I am part of a writing group called Project 365 where I join Jairam, the self-proclaimed Maha Bore who bores you with lesser known tales from the great Indian epics, Sakshi, the gorgeous diva who’s now a proud author of one of the beautiful and most appreciated stories in Mango Chutney and Sid, the Jack of all trades who was designed by Him as a problem-solver, along with 21 other seasoned authors/bloggers and wonderful writers. In this project we ensure publishing a post a day on our group blog, Project 365. The prompts are provided by WordPress and we circulate it among our guest authors and ourselves to select a set of prompts as per our interest and schedule our posts on our blogs with excerpts published on Project 365.

Initially I suffered a lot, because writing for prompts was not my style and with a job to secure and two girls to tackle along with another big boy was too much of a task for me. I simply couldn’t churn out even a 300 words post. But over the months, this exercise has helped me improve my ideas and now I can write for any prompt. Of course not as easily as either Jai, Saks, Sid, Stir Your Souls, Salesh or Karan do it.

I write anything and everything that I feel strongly about. Anything that strikes a chord within me. It can be a baby girl I saw in the park, a painting from a gallery, a hoarding I saw, a topic discussed during a casual chat, something that came to my mind while cleaning up the mess my girls created, a travelogue, a book/movie review. I prefer writing at peace, without any limitation of topics and any deadlines to worry about. In short, I write from the heart for the love of writing. It is a hobby I engaged in for my own peace of mind. Writing for prompts with deadlines attached are sometimes too limiting for me. Like Salman, I need a Kick to write, not a Prompt that acts like bullet proof jackets preventing me from thinking out of the box. Of course, I still have to figure out which box I am talking about here.

Though I find the writing prompts a bit limiting, I also find them interesting as this mandatory exercise at least makes me allocate some time for myself. It makes me ponder over the prompt before I come out with all those gibberish posts that you are forced to read. Of course, most of these posts are churned out in a hurry late at night when the girls and the husband are fast asleep or early in the morning when even the birds aren’t awake. The husband sometimes looks up with sleepy eyes and wonders why his wife of over a decade is glued to the mobile screen and not him. I’m sure that now and then he might definitely be worried about me having an extra-marital affair with someone across the seven seas. Why else will a mother of two be fiddling with the touchscreen in the middle of the night? But then, he is also aware that it’ll take ages for another man to handle a crazy and lazy duck like me. Thus he sleeps peacefully.


This post is part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompts that they have provided. Today’s prompt is, “A little sneaky: Are writing prompts a useful exercise, or do you find them to be too limiting and/or hokey?

The author Rekha Dhyani is one of the contributors to the We Post Daily and blogs regularly at Dew Drops. She also shares her lucky clicks at The Crystal Trance.


5 Replies to “Breaking Barriers”

  1. This post turned out to be quite an interesting read, Rekha, even with the prompt 🙂 Enjoyed reading it!
    And yes I too find prompts limiting most of the times, and prefer the freedom to write about things that are of interest to me. But once in a while there are some prompts that do catch my fancy, but write on them only if I can write about something that is meaningful to me.

    1. Yes. Some of the prompts are really catchy. The good part about prompts is it makes you think. But for people like me who don’t give the pain of thinking to their little brains, prompts become troublesome. 😀

  2. Now me – I can write on anything ( I did not say interestingly, did I? 🙂 ). Makes it difficult when I start thinking up posts since I just cannot focus on one topic and, so, find myself with a potpourri of ideas but no coherent post 🙂

    1. Suresh Sir! Even I cannot sit and think through. It has to be spontaneous. Thinking through and beautifying makes the post lose honesty and its true essence. My point of view that is. Your posts definitely aren’t made up. And that’s what makes one wants to read them. 🙂

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