The Perfect Gift

Baby shower, birthdays, mundan, graduation ceremony, bachelor’s party, engagement, mehendisangeet, wedding, house-warming, farewell, retirement… None of these events are avoidable especially when its a matter of family, relatives and friends.

Invitations keep flowing in all through the year from all walks of life. The bigger your social circle, the higher is the number of invitations you’re bound to receive. Though not very social, I have myself received a baby shower, two weddings, a birthday and a farewell party invitation for September already.

People enjoy being with friends and family. Occasions like these make them feel special.  And they are genuinely happy to host you. But the pain that these invitations bring along in terms of deciding what to gift is too much to handle.

Whether I should buy them some clothes?

How about the latest smartphone?

Or should I get them some books instead?

Have you ever faced a situation of how it feels that someone who invites you over for a function ends up getting multiple similar gifts of odd sizes and shapes that they can’t always use? I have received many such gifts myself and can empathize with all such friends.

There are so many ideas that arise in my mind and so many reasons why these ideas should be dropped.

Gifting and surprising people, we all love. But what to gift drives us bonkers.

That’s when CupoNation came to my rescue.

Exclusive discount coupons and deals for all categories ranging from Fashion & Apparel to Finance & Insurance; Home & Living to Travel & Flight; Books, Movies & Music to Web Hosting & Domain; Kids & Babies to Student Discount; Jewellery & Accessories to Health & Beauty; Restaurants to Electronics.

You name it and they have it. A one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs.

Now tell me which heart doesn’t love the multiplicity of options to pick and choose a gift from that they truly need and value. Saving while buying appeases the brain too!


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