Roots to Wings

An uprooted tree lying in the middle of the road leads to this conversation between the mother and her five-year old daughter.


Lil Love: Mamma, why is this tree sleeping on the road?

Me: It is not sleeping. It got uprooted due to rain and storm.

Lil Love: Ok. So, why are they cutting the tree? It’ll get hurt. Won’t it?

Me: They are cutting the tree to remove it from the road. It won’t hurt because the tree is already dead.

Lil Love: They can pull it up and remove. Why do they need to cut it into pieces?

Me: The tree is huge and heavy. They cannot pull it up easily. And these being hills, cranes can’t reach this place easily. So they are cutting it down into smaller logs and will remove it to clear the road.

Lil Love: Hmmmm….*sits back nodding her head in her very own Dadi Amma style*


A little later.

Lil Love: The tree might not be having strong roots.

Me: Why do you say so?

Lil Love: That is why it got uprooted naa…?

Me: Wow! And how did you analyze that?

Lil Love: My tooth came out because it didn’t have strong roots. Right? Dentist uncle told me.

Me: True that.

Lil Love: If we don’t have strong roots, we’ll fall down on the ground.

8-year old Anu jumps in: Dumbo, we don’t need roots to stand tall. We need earth’s gravitational force.


I enjoy such simple conversation with the little ones that leads me to think further. I am amazed at how easily Lil Love gathered her share of knowledge about how important it is to have strong roots for survival. All this gyaan because of a tree that we saw lying in the middle of the road on our way up the hills and a milk tooth that got extracted recently. She made me realize how very important it is to give wings to the little angels to spread them, fly and explore, but it is equally important to help them grow stronger roots to stay strong, stay grounded, be firm and not be pushed around during times of adversity.

Strongest Oak


“The strongest oak of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It’s the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for its existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun.”

~Napoleon Hill

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14 Replies to “Roots to Wings”

    1. Yes Shailaja. Children are pure like crystals and hence they are able to see things clearly without any malicious thoughts. Thanks for reading and sharing! 🙂

  1. hugs to the little one from me too!!
    It made me miss my folks just a little more – for they gave us wings and the roots and its such a brilliant combination 🙂

    1. Big hugs to you too Pixie. I can understand because my sis too misses all of us sitting there across the mountains and oceans. But then, we are always a call away…right? 🙂

    1. Oh yes, Roshni! The older one wants to establish that she is older, but the younger one beats her with her words. 😀 I enjoy this sibling love that makes me feel like a referee all the time. 😛

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