I Love You

A post inspired by the following poster that I saw on a friend’s Timeline. This phrase ‘I Love You‘ it seems has been used so often and so recklessly that it has lost its charm and truthfulness. My effort to reinstate its meaning and importance.


I loved him.
And I know that he loved me too.
He knew how much I adored him.
We were both aware of that special soft feelings for each other.
But we never showed the courage to accept it to each other knowing very well that we loved each other.

One day, after years, he asked me, “Will you marry me?”
I didn’t nod in agreement but I didn’t deny either. We parted ways without any hard feelings.
And then I had the courage to write a letter, “You’re the only man I have loved this way. Is there a way I can be with you.”
He called.
We didn’t speak much. Our silence spoke. He didn’t have to explain. I finally managed to say, “Happy Married Life.”

Destiny has its own ways of connecting people for life. Our daughters were born on the same day and he named his girl as me and I named mine with what he always addressed me as.
It was years later that he found my contact through the World Wide Web and sent me a note: “How are you? I wish you are as happy as I want you to be.”

We are not regularly in touch with each other. But I do get a call once in many years whenever I’m going through tough times and miss having him by my side. And this without him knowing anything that’s going on in my life. That call is one that I expect whenever I feel like crying a bucketful with my head on someone’s shoulder. We don’t speak much with each other except enquiring about each other’s health and family. All he wants to know is that I am happy. And all I pray is that he is happy.

We’re miles apart but our hearts speak every single second.

In these last days of my life, I wish to tell him once again, “Hey, I loved you. I loved you immensely. And then I loved you a little more but didn’t have the courage to accept. Today I accept once again that you’re the only man that I loved like that and I love you with every single breath of mine. Stay blessed. Miles away, across the oceans, behind the mountains and beyond the horizon in a land where we don’t have to worry about caste, creed, religion, boundaries, social and economic status or worry about the happiness of our loved ones, I will wait for you to come and hold my hands. The space between my fingers are waiting for yours to perfectly fit in. Till we meet again My Love…”

With tears rolling down my cheek and falling on the pages of my journal, I put off the reading light. I breathed my last with the torn pieces of that letter in my hands whose words were erased by my tears. 

A relationship that we worshipped for life.


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10 Replies to “I Love You”

  1. Stories of unrequited love truly make for wonderful pieces of fiction, don’t they 🙂 And I am sure that most readers will be able to relate to them as almost all of us have a similar story of our own 🙂

    Good one Reks.

  2. Heart wrenching tale of pure love. Ask me about it, Rekha. The beauty of falling in love and wishing happiness for each other in life.
    Where has the beauty of the love letter, ink on paper, gone?
    I wrote something, kinda letter to the ex and do hop in, if u have time.
    Have a good Sunday:)

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