Keep Out

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This quote by Cyril Connolly I first read on Shail’s Nest and I loved it immensely. How true!

A blog space is the author’s space where he/she writes what they want to write. It could be stories, anecdotes, poetry, literature, their views, their opinions, their dreams, their aspirations and occasionally their rants. It is not necessary that everyone who stops by your space has to agree with your views or your opinions. That does not mean that they are bad or your enemies. It just means that we think different. My right may not be right for you. And your wrong may be right for me. Maturity suggests that we accept that we are all different individuals and we are bound to have varied opinions on the same topic, and this does happen even in your relationships; professional or personal. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s absolutely okay to have difference of opinion and voicing it out.

But there are people who agree with you on your face even while they secretly do not agree to your viewpoint. Instead of voicing it out right here, they choose to talk behind your back. Since they aren’t confident enough with themselves they choose to hide their real opinion/views.

Two-faced people. This I believe is the venomous species that I would want to keep out of my blog. One that I dislike from the core of my heart. Sorry, but please stay away!

I prefer people who are real. Even if they are bitter. Of course, their words sometimes affect your mood for days. But at least they aren’t fake.


This post is part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompts that they have provided. Today’s prompt is, “Keep Out: Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?)”

The author Rekha Dhyani is one of the contributors to the We Post Daily and blogs regularly at Dew Drops. She also shares her lucky clicks at The Crystal Trance


30 Replies to “Keep Out”

  1. Many people state one thing in public and the opposite in private. In fact, I’ve come across a few people who wholeheartedly agree with something stated on one blog and, a few days later endorse the exact opposite stated on another blog.

    1. That’s the sad state of blogging today. I wish people understood the power of words and put it to good use. There’s so much we can do to better our surroundings than get involved in such cheap gossips.

  2. well the article says it all .. true all that
    and the people you are talking about , OH YES i know a few over the blogging world I said few but there are LOADSssssssssssssss … 🙂
    people are funny i tell you , they will be your best mates and friends and sometimes if you go out of sight they will ask who are you, as i found out .. one of my good friends use to visit every post comment on every post and when i cme back after a year asked me “Who am i” 🙂 so what can one realise all those previous comments .. what do they stand for NOTHING 🙂
    dont let such people put you off.. thats their job let them be .. who cares 🙂

    1. Bikram, I’m sure with whatever experience you have gone through you would have come out a better and more mature person. In fact, it is good to come to know of who actually cares and who doesn’t. Just that once you know it is better to stay away from the latter. As for me, I just completely ignore such people and instances. If I’m put off I am really good at ignoring. That helps me close the doors for negativity from such people. 🙂

  3. Ah! I prefer they do not voice it anywhere 🙂 Quite against people spreading unhappiness directly or indirectly. Particularly when the opinion has no great weight except one of differing tastes.

  4. Aha! About time that someone put up this post. And great that it was you Reks 🙂 the blogging world is full of two faced people. As we say, -if you cant be truthful dont say anything at all. Atta girl !

  5. You are so right.. I’ve been toying with a post now since yesterday actually but fear of being “misunderstood” is stopping me from posting it.
    After reading your post, I’m actually thinking of going ahead with it. Because it’s my space, my views and I can post my difference of opinion without being hurtful.
    Thank you for this post 🙂

    1. Pixie, you have been in this space for such a long time. I’m surprised that you are still fearing about being misunderstood. Anyway, I have already understood that it is tough to differentiate good from evil, so I am learning to shut my eyes and ears to such crowd. This is my space and I’ll keep it the way I wish. There’s no point being hurt by these people. It’ll just affect us, while they move to others to try and hurt them. So go on, put it up. Would love to read your views. 🙂

  6. I wonder why do such people have to read and bother to comment on a post if they don’t really care for it? 🙂 Why can’t they just chill out elsewhere? It’s a big WWW out there! When I started my blog I was very clear on what kind of stuff I wanted to post there and what I wouldn’t. I really didn’t care whether I would have any readers, or if they come what would they think? I have seen enough of that ‘peer-acceptable’ writing/publishing culture in the academic world, I didn’t want any piece of that on my blog 🙂
    A good post, Rekha! You keep this space “yours” 🙂

    1. Politics I understand is an integral part of every space. More so because I come from the big bad corporate world. Blogosphere is also not devoid of it. Insecurity and ego clashes are quite evident in this space too. And that does no good to anyone. I am very sure of what I want to write. I simply don’t bother whether someone likes to read me or not. But yes, none of my posts will ever be to degrade or humiliate or hurt someone. I’m very sure of it. I write because I enjoy writing. I write to let go of any ill feelings that might develop if kept within. But never ever would I want this space to be a negative space spreading negative thoughts.

      Thank you for reading and appreciating Beloo! 🙂

  7. I totally agree. I keep that quote in mind whenever i write anything. You have to be true to yourself. There will always be someone who isn’t happy with everything you do but that is their problem. Most people are great.

  8. You are right! Everyone wants to have credible, reliable people in their lives and on their blogs. I also agree that difference of opinion should not translate into dislike for a person.

  9. Looking back I do agree there are some fake cases who for reasons best known to them give comments sometimes even out of context. 🙂
    Thought provoking post! Thanks.

  10. If you are writing on a public space, you should be ready to accept the brickbats and bouquets. And snide comments made behind your back do not deserve attention and nor do the people who make them.

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