RTI – How powerful? Is it powerful?

And finally after 5 years and multiple RTI requests filed, Mom gets her LTA (Leave Travel Assistance)….Rs.7863. Interest not included as it was not requested for. I am happy because at least it wasn’t a waste of time for my parents. They came out as winners. Indeed persistence pays.

Dew Drops

I could not watch this episode of Satyameva Jayate on Sunday as I was busy getting the girls admitted to a nearby dance school.

At night, I sat down to watch the recording, but it got recorded only from the point where the Adat village of Kerala and its village administration was being discussed. I lost interest and so switched it off and went on to sleep.

Yesterday I read IHM’s post and saw the video clipping embedded. I was busy and so I left it again.

Tonight as I lay down to sleep and was fiddling with my phone hopping between YouTube, FB, G+ and mails, Lil Love started singing the title track of Satyameva Jayate.

Something told me to get back to the episode and so I watched the complete episode. And I’m glad I did.  In case you haven’t watched the episode, please do watch it. Else…

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3 Replies to “RTI – How powerful? Is it powerful?”

  1. I did not read the other post till now..
    So lets first celebrate ghe good thing .. good your mom got her due..and as they say justice is delayed but it has come at last.
    In thus case I will say yes insistence pays.. not sure about the Rti ..but tjat is because there is too much to do for oir judges.. far too many Rti’s..
    One of my friend is a judge and he tells me they get just mere minutes on a case to read etc.. there are so many of them..
    My regards to your parents..

    1. Thanks Bikram! The husband too works with a lot of advocates, judges and CJI. He mentioned the same that many a times the judge who delivers the sentence doesn’t even get enough time to go through the intricacies of the case in question.

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