The Peddar Road Bus Stand

Julie was found near a garbage dump and was adopted by a noble family as their only daughter needed company. They were very loving and caring never letting her feel that she was adopted.

Life was not so cruel, thought Julie. She played with her foster-sister all day long during her vacations and once the schools reopened she would wait for her at the gate in the afternoons till she returned. She had a room for herself, expensive bedding and clothes too. They did not seem to be bothered about her disabilities.

A few years after her entry into the house, one of their family members died and the lady of the house put the entire blame on her. Circumstances were such that her loving Mom too screamed at her blaming her for being unlucky. A bad omen. She could not hear any of it. But she could read Mom’s face and gestures. It pricked her like a thousand thorns and needles. She believed it.

And thus she was again left all by herself in this big bad world.

Years passed. She met Jack.

Jack was strong and macho. Finding her alone and single, he wooed her. When you’re alone, you either tend to be too cautious or act to be. She acted. But solitude is not what she wanted. There was no sound in her life. No voice. No words. She wanted a voice. A voice that could be hers. A voice that could fill the void in her life. She fell for him. He made her feel like a queen. Even the silence between them was music to her. But just like many such stories, he too dumped her leaving her impregnated. After all, who needs a deaf and dumb girl. She was shattered.


Time flew.

While she was crossing the road to reach the Peddar Road bus stand on the other side, her mind was busy playing the flashback scenes. Suddenly there was a screech and a halt. She fell unconscious right in the middle of the road.  She was bleeding profusely.

Picture courtesy: Google Image Search

Picture courtesy: Google Image Search

When she woke up she found herself bandaged and lying on a cozy bedding made of rags in one corner of a small room. As she widened her eyes and looked around, she saw a shabbily dressed bearded man busy making something in another corner of the room. He was making shopping bags out of newspapers. She was too weak to even hold her head up, let alone stand. He attended to her patiently and applied medicines to her wounds. He gave her food and sponged her.

He didn’t have a big house or expensive furniture or branded clothes or costly perfumes, but he had a huge heart. A heart that cared for a deaf and dumb girl whom the world had continuously ignored and forgotten. His kindness poured life back into her.

Days passed and Julie recovered completely. With him, she had found peace. They could not communicate with words, but their eyes spoke for them. His touch was so comforting that she would forget all her pain and misery. After a hard day’s work when he reached home, kissed her forehead and rubbed his face against hers, she felt like the universe was happy for them. She felt blessed.

One fine morning he opened the door of the house and let her out. She knew it was time for departure. As she got out out of the house, she turned back and looked at him with gratitude as if thanking him for all that he did for her. And then she ran off without looking back, without bidding a good-bye. She could not. She wouldn’t have been able to control herself.

She reached the spot where the accident had happened. Some good samaritans had provided her babies food and kept some rugs behind the bus stand to help them survive.

As the puppies ran up to her and fed themselves with their mother’s milk after over a week, Julie again slipped into her thoughts. Some relationships are just meant to be felt and not lived. She thought.


This post is part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompts that they have provided. Today’s prompt is, “Moment of kindess: Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

The author Rekha Dhyani is one of the contributors to the We Post Daily and blogs regularly at Dew Drops. She also shares her lucky clicks at The Crystal Trance


14 Replies to “The Peddar Road Bus Stand”

  1. Kind of saw the ending coming 🙂 but I like the way you’ve narrated it. it kept the curiosity and the emotions, both happy and sad, right to the end.

  2. a very very touching story
    and you know this reminded me of something .. in the good old days there use to be a big house that was rented by the navy .. across our house. so after 5pm it was empty and we played there .
    one day we found a young female dog sitting a bit hurt on the leg.. we were kids then and sort of adopted her.. took food water etc for her .. as days and months went on.. this dog whome we called “Banto” because so close to us all.. we would play with her.. there are 4 houses in the row and this one was adopted by all four..
    she grew stronger and so well mannered , I went hope after 4 years from uk and the moment i reached home , she heard me and although very old by then , she jumped on top of me and would not let go of me ..

  3. Honestly, I thought it was normal story and was wondering, how come they are good parents when she kept waiting when her sister went to school. Stupid me. Actually the narration is so powerful that I was swayed away. Beautiful story and the title is killer.

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