50001 ka Sagan


It started off as a pastime. A search for my own self. The real me. A little push from hubby and I jumped into it with all I had. Initially it felt like putting free time to good use by keeping myself busy on Saturdays when the little ones struggled in their day boarding school. Slowly it became a passion. And now it is just like a part of me on the web. My voice. A medium I chose to convey my thoughts that are otherwise left unspoken. People who know me personally know that I do not communicate my thoughts so freely through verbal discussions.

Written words have been my friends since early in my life. They continue to be.

It gave me another life. An immortal one. It gave me friends. It taught me patience and perseverance. Crawling slowly but steadily Dew Drops http://rekhadhyani.com has reached this ‘sagan waala’ milestone.

A big thanks to all of you who encourage me through likes, shares, comments, words of appreciation and constructive criticism.


15 Replies to “50001 ka Sagan”

  1. firstttttttttttt.. fastest comment 🙂

    I just came online and your blog notification was the first one 🙂

    so Congratulationnnnnnnnnnnnnn on the Shagun wala Milestone nad here’s wishing many many more milestones your way .. All the best always and god bless

  2. What a lovely feeling! May you reach higher and higher.
    How does Blogger count your visitors? Does it include WordPress bloggers too? .
    Wordpress, unfortunately does not count Blogger visitors on my site.

  3. Congratulations! As I had mentioned sometime back, it would be nice if you could compile all these in an appropriate way – a collection I would love to preserve.

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