Random things that confuse me

A young child loves his/her parents immensely and trusts them deeply. Yet he/she is unable to be truthful to them many a times. The family is a very bonded one and the child has enough freedom to discuss anything and everything with his/her parents. There is no compulsion on results. Still there is some kind of fear that he/she chooses to write down a note and sleep forever. Why?

Two friends. They are born together to die together. There is nothing that they hide from each other. The world knows of their friendship and people vouch on their relationship. Yet there is always some such moment that they are envious of each other or are found out to be the biggest enemy of each other. And then they fall apart. Forever. Why?

A mother and son. They know each other inside out and are absolutely frank with each other. Yet when he’s in a relationship and needs to discuss it out, he chooses his father to his mother. So much that he doesn’t even inform the mother through any other medium. Why?

A father and daughter. Just like the mom-son duo. Hard to separate them. They know each other so well that they can read each other’s mind. Still he couldn’t read it that it was not that she wanted to hurt him and she was dying every single moment since the day he chose to remain silent. And she couldn’t read that he would have forgiven her with the flow of time or with just another phone call or email. Why? Why did it always have to end in a tragic manner?

A husband and wife. They love each other immensely and are absolutely honest with each other. Everything is absolutely fine between them. Then how on earth is a third person or an untoward situation able to creep into this beautiful relationship to spoil it. How? And why?

A stranger. How is it that you meet them only once. Probably you don’t even interact. And then you long for them for a lifetime knowing very well that your paths might never cross ever again. Why? And sometimes this longing is mutual. Why and how?

A father-in-law who has always cared for his daughter-in-law as his own daughter. After a few years, when the son dies and the family is engulfed in poverty, this same father-in-law sells his daughter-in-law to a pimp for money. Is it so easy to forget everything else and become so selfish? Why?

Relationships. They have always confused me.

Everyone wants to love.

And everyone wants to be loved.

And everyone does.

But still there is a gap.

A gap that is most of the time left unabridged.

Sometimes for reasons known to us.

Sometimes for reasons unknown to us.

And sometimes for reasons we comfortably choose to not know or understand.



8 Replies to “Random things that confuse me”

  1. and why does a mother, after bearing a child in her womb for months, going through the unfathomable pain of labor and sleepless nights of baby sitting, think of murdering her own child for a happier life? That is a question that has confuses me ….have seen a two or three disturbing pieces of news from kerala recently where mothers killed/help kill their kid for a better life with a new partner…..i mean why,how……..

    1. After the Nirbhaya case, I completely switched myself off the television. It was just the headlines on my phone for quite a long time. But then I realized that I was just running away from the reality which will not change if I run away from it. The recent cases from Kerala have actually troubled me as well and just like you I’m also confused about how on earth can such things happen. My grandma used to say that it is written in Puranas that by the end of Kaliyuga, man will become worse than cannibals. Looks like it is true and we might be closer to the end of Kaliyuga. Easier to believe, but not sufficient for my struggling thoughts.

  2. Some of your questions have no answers.
    To some questions, we cannot know the true answers because we don’t really know the persons involved (even if we may be acquainted with them) or the pressure(s) that they were under.
    Some questions involving ourselves have very obvious answers, but we are either unable to see the answers or are unwilling to see the answers.

    1. Exactly what I meant Pro!
      Many a times what we see (or hear) is not what it actually is. Until unless we are the ones going through a certain situation, we’ll never be able to understand the actions of the people who have gone through it and we do not have any right to judge their actions at that point of time. But such incidents make me believe that life is indeed a jigsaw puzzle with some of the pieces missing forever.

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