Today’s prompt at Project 365 coincidentally is,

“If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?”

Starting this Thursday, I’ll be on my annual vacation for two weeks and thus I would need someone to keep my blog alive. My mind wandered and wandered deep into the world of blogging and so many names passed through it as I swam across the vast ocean of Blogosphere.

“Ney! Why not someone who can soar up the traffic to the site?”, I thought.

And then while searching for that one famous personality I would love to designate my blog responsibility to, I ended up with this list.

  1. Sunny Leone – This hotel and sexy adult star (a Bollywood newcomer) is the most searched personality according to Google India’s annual Zeitgeist. She leaves behind, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Sachin Tendulkar.
  1. Justin Bieber – The singer made waves with the announcement of his retirement plans at 19. It reminded me of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. 😛
  1. Shahrukh Khan – With his alleged affair and secret marriage with Piggy Chops (Priyanka Chopra) in Dubai along with the surrogate child, King Khan sounded like the one to hand over the reigns of my blog legacy. He would have created so much interest in the readers/gossip-mongers.
  1. Honey Singh – The rapper was successful enough to get into my hate list when my 5 year old started singing Blue Eyes hypnotise teri karti hai meinu with all those Leone type moves. A good choice for publicity Yo Yo is. But, Aaarghhh!!!
  1. Sachin Tendulkar – This legend we’ve all grown with is my all-time favourite personality. His retirement speech brought tears in my eyes to relieve my already weeping soul. His humility and down to earth approach is what makes him the most loved. Well-deserved his success is. Love you, Sachin!
  1. NaMo (Narendra Modi) – No, it is not NaMo, our Prime Minister that I wish to take care of the blog, but his marketing and branding team that handled his 2014 election campaign. The Abki Baar slogan was introduced way back for promoting Atal Bihar Vajpayee, but it soared high with Brand Modi.  An online and offline presence none of the Indian personalities have ever had before. Yes. It is the marketer in me who is speaking. Be it Twitter, FaceBook, Blog, he was everywhere. And even though that poor lotus accompanied him everywhere, the party was left way behind. Social Media put to perfect use! This case study (click here) on the creation of Brand Modi by Business Today is worth reading.


Picture Courtesy Business Today (http://businesstoday.intoday.in/)
Picture Courtesy: Business Today
  1. Jan Koum & Brian Acton – The founders of WhatsApp truly went from Food Stamps to Billionaire. If ever I plan to monetize my blog and make big time money, I know whom to contact. $19 billion keeps twinkling in front of my eyes. Wow! I’m just waiting to see how many more billions worth Mark Zuckerberg is going to make it into.

Though this was the list that I penned down after my research over the web, I wanted someone truly inspiring to grace the blog and my readers. Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher, Indira Nooyi, Aung San Suu Kyi, Sunitha Krishnan, Narayanan Krishnan, Anuradha Koirala and so went my thoughts and my research. But I wanted someone who could resonate with the young and the old alike; someone who is of immense courage and wisdom.

While I was trying to figure out who that one person to switch my blog with, my eyes wandered into the book shelf and there lay a copy of I Am Malala. Thus I circled down on none other than Malala Yousafzai.


Malala’s phenomenal courage and wisdom is something that has inspired me and I would want every girl in the world to be as courageous a fighter as her for the right cause.

I leave you with a few quotes from the book that struck a chord within me.

“Let us pick up our books and our pens, they are the most powerful weapons.” said Malala Yousafzai, the schoolgirl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for wanting an education and survived, in her keynote speech to the United Nations, 12th July 2013.


“I raise up my voice-not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard…we cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” 


“Education is education. We should learn everything and then choose which path to follow.” Education is neither Eastern nor Western, it is human.”


“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.”  


“I started thinking about that, and I used to think that the Talib would come, and he would just kill me. But then I said, ‘If he comes, what would you do Malala?’ then I would reply to myself, ‘Malala, just take a shoe and hit him.’

But then I said, ‘If you hit a Talib with your shoe, then there would be no difference between you and the Talib. You must not treat others with cruelty and that much harshly, you must fight others but through peace and through dialogue and through education.’

Then I said I will tell him how important education is and that ‘I even want education for your children as well.’ And I will tell him, ‘That’s what I want to tell you, now do what you want.”


“We human beings don’t realize how great God is. He has given us an extraordinary brain and a sensitive loving heart. He has blessed us with two lips to talk and express our feelings, two eyes which see a world of colours and beauty, two feet which walk on the road of life, two hands to work for us, and two ears to hear the words of love. As I found with my ear, no one knows how much power they have in their each and every organ until they lose one.” 


“I reassured my mother that it didn’t matter to me if my face was not symmetrical. Me, who had always cared about my appearance, how my hair looked! But when you see death, things change. “It doesn’t matter if I can’t smile or blink properly,” I told her. “I’m still me, Malala. The important thing is God has given me my life.” 


“Outside his office my father had a framed copy of a letter written by Abraham Lincoln to his son’s teacher, translated into Pashto. It is a very beautiful letter, full of good advice. “Teach him, if you can, the wonder of books…But also give him quiet time to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun, and the flowers on a green hillside,” it says. “Teach him it is far more honorable to fail than to cheat.” 


“His sisters — my aunts — did not go to school at all, just like millions of girls in my country. Education had been a great gift for him. He believed that lack of education was the root of all of Pakistan’s problems. Ignorance allowed politicians to fool people and bad administrators to be re-elected. He believed schooling should be available for all, rich and poor, boys and girls. The school that my father dreamed of would have desks and a library, computers, bright posters on the walls and, most important, washrooms.” 


This post is part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompts that they have provided.

The author Rekha Dhyani is one of the contributors to the We Post Daily and blogs regularly at Dew Drops. She also shares her lucky clicks at The Crystal Trance


28 Replies to “Switcheroo”

  1. Lovely list and lovely final choice as well. Malala is truly inspirational given her background and her struggle for girls’ education 🙂 Trust you Reks, to come up with something as nice as this post for the prompt 🙂

  2. What a list and what a choice 🙂 When I read what the prompt was about for a second I thought I will get to see some familiar names you know, from the blogging world.. familiar they were but boy so unexpected and awesome 🙂

    1. Seeta, that’s how I had planned it when I chose the prompt. But when I sat down to right at the very last minute, this is what I ended up making. And yes, I am also amazed to see the result. 🙂

  3. You came up with some good and sensible reasons for all the possible choices you had 🙂 And then made the right choice with the heart. Enjoyed reading this post!

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read this impromptu post. Yes. In most circumstances I go by my heart than my mind. Glad that you enjoyed the post. 🙂

  4. Hmm… can’t say any of these folks would be on my list to hand my blog over to. No, I’m a control freak, you’re going to have to pry this blog out of my cold, dead hands….

    1. I know. For that matter, even I’m a control freak and it would be difficult for anyone (except many be Malala) to get onto my blog so easily. What to do, the prompt commanded something like this. 🙂

  5. Oh yes I seriously want this to happen.. I was away for some time and suddenly the good old friends have forgotten me and i need all the marketing and what not to get them all back ..

  6. Ah now that was a nice celeb list there from you. Have a good vacation, Rekha! One person I would love to host would be Angelina Jolie. Now if only wishes were horses :).

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